Monday, December 20, 2004

[ sniff ] They Grow Up SO Fast...

Back in the days before Windows, I tried my hand at Computers. I even had a masochistic stage where I tried to write code (not recommended for 99% of us) . While many in the business think badly of Bill Gates, I loved WindowsTM from the beginning; I'm not overly simplistic in most things, but you can't beat the friendliness of point-n-click.

Enter blogs. It's hard to imagine how they could make it any easier to make an online journal. Obviously, this lends itself to the creation and life of many, many bad blogs. Fortunately, it also allows some truly great minds to display their wisdom for us all to enjoy. Which brings me to La Shawn Barber.

I first read La Shawn over at Baldilocks, which brings up another great feature of blogging; links are like little samples of all sorts of writers. Well, to get to the point, La Shawn has been very successful as a blogger, and a recent post led to writing an article for NRO.

In the old days, a successful writer had to slowly build up an audience, but today growth can be explosive and sudden. When the writer is up to the challenge, that's good for everyone.

Congratulations, La Shawn!

UPDATE: I am a moron. Where I said La Shawn was "linked" by NRO, I should have written that she was contracted to write an article, which meant a signed contract, lawyers, and all of that. I have corrected the information, but need to admit my error in writing in too much of a hurry. In addition to Spell-check, writers like me need Logic-check as well!

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