Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Pondering On Senate Empire-Building


One of the nice things about writing a blog with pretty low readership numbers, is you don’t get a lot of flak when you miss a day. Of course, that might also be, because Haloscan hit a technical bump and closed down my ‘Comments’, which may make some people think that I don’t want feedback (I love feedback, it’s like coffee to me, which most people over 30 know is the essence of life before noon). For the record, my wife and daughter are down with a cold/virus/flu, and I have a headache making its way into its second day. I wrote some stuff yesterday, but decided not to impose it on anyone else.

Many of you know I am working a project on Government Responsiveness and Accountability. In that process, I am trying to sort out which Senators and Representatives work in the committees with the most relevant duties and powers. The House of Representatives has not constituted its new committees yet, but the Senate has, and I have begun to sort out a ranking system for the Senators, based on Chairmanships and membership in the major Committees. I am ignoring Sub-Committees for minor activities, but I will be writing on the committees and sub-committees, then putting up rankings using a point system, based on Chairmanship of Major Committees, Ranking membership of Major Committees, simple Membership of Major Commitees, Chairmanship of Major Sub-Committees, Ranking Membership of Major Sub-Committees, simple Membership of Major Sub-Committees, and Chairmanship/Ranking Membership of Minor Committees, in that order. This should help to put up a good picture of what we can expect from the Senate. That will take time, though, so I appreciate your patience.

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