Saturday, March 05, 2005

Politics and Morality


If you read the byline of my profile, you'll see this blog is about "Politics, Morality, and the occasional Idiom". That's what sets this blog apart, I believe; the recognition that there is a connection between the governance of a city, county, state, or nation, and the souls of the people who take on first duty, then pride. Some cannot meet the needs of the first challenge, others fail the second.

Earier this week, Senator John "Sometimes a Republican, Sometimes Something Else" McCain spoke aout against blogs, suggesting that the McCain-Satan Campaign Finance Reform Law should be used to control and regulate blogs. In retrospect, that's not really surprising: The Soviet and Chinese Politburos fear(ed) free expression by the people, and so do autocrats around the globe. Now that the blogs are showing a source of authority and power on their own, it's no wonder the mandarins want it reined. Back at the end of January, I began a program to contact every member of Congress on a series of questions most of my readers here and at Polipundit wanted answered - the results so far have shown an appalling sense of arrogance; only a scant few sent anything more than a form letter, even my own Senators and Representative have completely ignored the questions. It proves a point, but one of great dishonor among these elitist boors.

The original Congressmen were far different from today's lot. I'm not only writing about the racial and gender expansion, but the pervasive taxation and regulation, spurred on by people whose notions of success seem driven by television appearances and favors to/from friends. It shouldn't surprise anyone that a person who takes office through essentially a marketing campaign, for an office paying several times the salary an average American sees, not to mention a huge staff and accompanying budget, loses contact with Reality and the problems of ordinary people along the way. Does anyone expect a Representative, Senator, or President to have the faintest idea what it means to work on an hourly salary, under real-world conditions? I would love to see McCain try to sell products in a retail store, to see Pelosi try to develop a cogent business plan for a corporation, to see Kennedy walk auditors through an annual financial statement. Not likely. Congress is not a real place, yet its actions are depressingly serious in their impact.

Over the next couple months, I will begin to publish my grades for every member of Congress. Don't expect a high GPA for these guys, especially considering how many of them don't seem to be paying attention to the lectures.


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