Monday, April 04, 2005

Presidents’ Tourney Championship

The semi-final round of the POTUS Tourney is done, and here are the results (recall that I hid the actual match-ups, asking for 1-10 ratings on the basis of seven key skills):

Ronald Reagan defeats Dwight Eisenhower, 270-265
George Washington defeats Teddy Roosevelt, 217-197

The scores were the results of multiplying the average rating for each skill, by the historical factor for that skill (using the 1-10 ratings for each skill in the six historical areas), then adding the resulting sub-totals for the final score).

The third round is now ready to begin, with 8 Presidents competing head-to-head. To avoid subjective influences, I am again asking the readers to submit 1-10 ratings (1 = lowest, 10 = top) for the Presidents in each of the following skill sets:

Economic Policies
Judicial Doctrine
Military Command
Social Policies
Tax and Tariff Policies

So, here is the Championship Matchup:

Ronald Reagan vs. George Washington

If you want to make a pick, please remember that the method here is to show a 1-10 rating for each President in the seven categories.

And remember, if you don’t enter your ratings, that means the decision will go to those who do enter their choices.

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