Friday, May 27, 2005

War Politics


In the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, there is often a point at which the rabbit sternly remarks, ‘Of course you know, this means war.’ It’s part of the comedy. Unfortunately, national politicians have begun to treat real conflicts with the same disparaging dismissal, as was demonstrated by this week’s pathetic collapse of Republican resolve, and subsequent Democrat crowing as minority demagogues won out over principled idealists. Within hours, one Democrat who had promised to vote for cloture for Judge Owen had already broken his pledge, and later that same week, Senate Democrats filibustered to again delay a vote on U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, and were also sounding threats against upcoming qualified nominees for Federal Court. The fact that it is a political war, in no way diminishes the severity of the reality that we are at war, the liars and the cheats against the Constitution and its defenders.

Some in the Republican camp have suggested that those unhappy with the sell-out must accept the results of the quisling treachery, and actually suggest that we who demand that ideals be defended and subversion of the Constitution be struck down, are somehow damaging the Republican cause. This is not at all the case, and by definition never can be. There is a point where a line must be drawn, and no more leniency or excuses granted, no more variance allowed. We are the party elected to majority, not just once or just recently, but in the clear trend for more than a decade, and it is required of us to accept that command, with responsibility and authority for the decision of course and law. Anything else is surrender to forces which run on the motive of greed and corruption.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is symbolic of all that’s wrong with the GOP right now. Even after the betrayal of the judges, Senator Dole could only write “Although I am pleased that some of the President's qualified judicial nominees are finally getting the fair up or down vote they deserve, I am disappointed that not all nominees will be afforded that same courtesy”. Senator, disappointment is not the word. We are outraged, here in the base, by Senators who promised they heard us, then turned out and did exactly what they said would never happen. Your mild-mannered acceptance of the subversion of majority rule by a handful of demagogues, and the clear rejection of the public voice, makes it clear you are neither worthy of our support, nor a logical place for our money and time.

We will vote for qualified candidates, as always.

We will campaign for, and donate money to, qualified candidates, as always.

But we will not support poseurs.

You have one small window to get us back. The only way, is to immediately invoke the majority-rule option in the Senate for ALL Presidential appointments during the 109th Congress. That’s what was promised, that’s what is expected, and nothing less will count.

It’s wheat and chaff time, Ms. Dole. Are you a Republican, or are you a pretender?

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