Monday, June 20, 2005



Monday is more than a day of the week. It represents picking up some tasks already in a state of momentum from the previous week, and beginning a few new projects and putting out a few new fires. And of course, every so often a bear created by a co-worker gets loose and finds its way into your territory, with the real possibility that some bears are aimed your way by your colleagues.

As my work continues towards the completion of a major project, along with the normal complement of surprises, I began to consider what a workweek in Washington is like. If nothing else, it helps me appreciate my own position.

To begin with, Washington is still abuzz with the ‘Slander The Marines’ act by Senator Durbin last Tuesday evening, followed by an absurd attempt to defend the insults. Naturally, the reverberations continued into Monday, as politicos tried to decide whether to hide from the echoes or deal with them. Being politicians, most tried to ignore the issue.

In that same vein, Congress refused to consider the appointment confirmation of John Bolton to the United Nations. Lunch and drinks were apparently much higher on the agenda.

In a political tribute to “Money For Nothing”, the Congress also waylaid discussion on Social Security Reform or Reform for the Internal Revenue Service, while staffs hurried to manage the most important priority; television interviews and fundraisers for the politicians as the July 4th break approaches.

And of course the best news; the whole day, regardless of its lack of accomplishment, was paid for by the American taxpayer.

Tuesday should be just as fun.

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