Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Law of Ko


There's an old saying; What comes around, goes around. For some reason, it never seems to occur to people, that this applies to politics as well.

The Republicans sat on their hands during the 1920s, and so they lost power for a generation.

Eisenhower did nothing about the USSR, and so JFK came into the White House.

Richard Nixon abused his power, and so we had to endure 2 terms of Bubba.

But the other way works, too...

FDR changed the government to his liking, and now W gets his chance to set things right, especially in the courts.

Harry Truman fired a general for not putting politics ahead of the war, and wver since then Democrats have had trouble supporting troops, who for their part have had no trouble supporting Republicans.

Lyndon Johnson proved a single President could undermine a nation, so now Dubya is proving a single President can help new nations stand on their own.

We still have yet to see the rebound from 40 years of Socialist domination in Academia and Congress, but it will come, it will come.


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