Friday, September 09, 2005

Should Louisiana Re-District?


Reader Jimmy Nix had an intriguing question:

“It would appear that there are many elected officials that no longer represent many voters in Louisiana. It seems likely that those voters will stay in whatever state they spend the next several months or years. Should Louisiana look at redistricting next year? The political and demographic makeup of Louisiana has truly changed overnight.”

Speaking for myself, I’d say ‘no’ in the immediate future. In the first place, because so many of the victims are in flux right now, and there’s no telling where a lot of folks will end up settling down. Also, with so many Louisianans coming to Texas, can you imagine the games certain Democrats would play with trying to get Texas redistricted, as well?

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Bruce Hayden said...

Also, you need to factor in whether they could redistrict. As you know, Texas was able to, but Colorado was not. I would suggest that the difference was how long the executive had been held by the Republicans. In Colo., better than 20 years of Democratic governors had resulte in a Democratic dominated Supreme Court. Texas seems to have moderated its High Court, and this is why, IMHO, the difference in outcomes.

Needless to say, LA would be much worse - the Democrats have essentially (corruptly) run the state for the last 100 years or more. No way is their judiciary going to allow a second redistricting within this decade.