Saturday, January 14, 2006

Television and Self-Delusion


This past week has been interesting as an observation in Maturity. The confirmation hearings of Samuel Alito have actually gone better than many on the Right expected, in large part due to the Democrats’ inability to perceive when they have crossed the line, to such a degree that even Katie Couric chided Senator Bombast for his conduct. A rather plain, professorial man has become perceived as the unfair target of a political witchhunt. And so his stock rises even among thsoe who would prefer to see him fail. But we already know that Democrats, in the main, have simply abandoned responsible priorities and civil debate. This week, while welcome, was predictable.

So too the trends in Mainstream television. I don’t just mean the “News”, which on the major broadcast networks means running the copy through the Boston and Los Angeles affiliates to make sure it has that left-wing sheen to placate the screaming lunatics sophisticated minions of journalism, but the prime time fare. During this week, I noted the leading shows, established and new, and found them strangely familiar in their method:

Cold Case - Unsolved murders are unraveled by a single white female, who heads up the Cold Case team. In true PC fashion, even her boss defers to her judgment and opinion. The victims are usually women and minorities, and the villains generally male and white.

Close to Home - Brave single white female leads search for truth, prosecuting crimes perpetrated against women and minorities by males and whites. This week’s episode featured a white family carrying out a race war one murder at a time; the black victims were always helpless, and there were several scenes where the families of the victims nodded their obligatory thanks for the courageous white woman stepping to save them from the other white people.

CSI - Team of pathologists solves what is beyond trained investigators from the police department. The forensics team is diverse in race, gender, class and culture, but homogenous in political sentiment. The villain is often the richest white person in the plot.

Injustice - Hailed by ABC as “groundbreaking”, this series features a brave white defense lawyer, who convicts the entire Criminal Justice system on the assumption of massive misjudgments by police, courts, attorneys and juries. The brave white man steps in to help minorities who apparently are not able to find justice without a brave white liberal to help them. Apparently the “groundbreaking” part comes from a white liberal male helping the minority people out, instead of a white liberal female.

The idea is well-established in more than a dozen primetime dramas, and yet it would offend any reasonable person, the notion that minorities need the help of liberals to find justice, to say nothing of a minority person holding authority under their own merit and effort. And yet, that is exactly how the Democrats present their candidates; mostly men, a few strong women, but always white in the nationally prominent positions, and always left-of-center. OK, so these days it’s hardly shocking that Democrats look for left-of-center, but it’s fascinating to notice just how much the Democrats seem to think that Hollywood’s version of things ought to be, is just how the DNC spends its support. Comparing the Republican record, especially in recent years, to the Democrats’ record, is amusing and quite telling. President George W. Bush has appointed more minorities to significant posts than any Democrat has even suggested. And look at the judicial appointments; no modern Democrat has even nominated a Black, Hispanic, or Asian to the Supreme Court, ever. A glance at the short list for Bush’s next appointment shows some faces and names that would be hilarious to see the race-conscious Liberals attack; they will of course, just as they did with Clarence Thomas, but the hypocrisy will be harder than ever for them to hide.

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Cliff said...

Two of the four (Injustice and Close to Home) I have never seen. I quit watching the other two for the reasons you listed. Regarding CSI, I believe that it is supposed to be in Las Vegas, which means Las Vegas has the dumbest police department in the world. Of course the lead policeman is a (ta-dah) white male.