Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fear Not, You Who Are Just


Liberals are cowards. Yes, I know how that sounds, but I have been scrolling through some of the threads on liberal blogs (stopping to take a shower every so often, or read a bit from the Federalist papers to re-orient my mind in proper order) and a few of the more popular liberal websites which discuss the War on Terror, the 9/11 attacks, and the political climate since President Clinton was in office. And what I see, is a collective paranoia which pervades every issue and infects every discussion. I’m actually surprised that the Avian flue has not yet been designated a Rove/Dubya conspiracy by the Aluminati, but maybe that’s just waiting for the “right” time.

Not that all conservatives are brave, though. I realize that a portion of those 62 million voters who gave Dubya a second term in 2004 did so out of fear of terrorism, fear of Jihadism, and fear of losing our way of life. To some degree, both Liberals and Conservatives share that sense, that the world we know is gone, and this creates a sense of the unknown, which in turn generates and feeds fear.

Of course the Jihadists know about that fear. They wanted to create it, for it to grow, and to drive our decisions and actions. If the United States begins to do what the Jihadists expect us to, then the Jihadists believe that they will gain the upper hand, and inevitably gain victory over the West, whom they see as too weak and flaccid to prevail in the long term. This is why the Jihadists reacted so badly to the invasion of Iraq – they never expected a military to win on those terms, nor the President of the United States to show steel in his resolve and focus. Bin Laden is quoted as saying “We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.” If that were so, then both of us are getting what we love. But in actual fact, the Jihadists only love death because they think they will mostly be the ones delivering it, not receiving it. The US Military has dissuaded tens of thousands of them from that fallacy.

The Jihadists cannot win, except they convince us to give up and leave. That was the game plan for Vietnam, and for South America and Africa, and so it remains the plan used by our enemy here. If we keep the course and stand by our friends, we cannot lose, and whatever the press says of America’s image, enough real democracies and we will enjoy great profit, whether in business terms or our political alliances. The Jihadists know this, and they are greatly afraid.

All through History, there is usually one power which enjoys the most power, but only a few truly supreme powers. With the end of the USSR, the United States is just such a power, unmatched in any significant measure. The Jihadists make the mistake of believing their own propaganda, and so believe that wealth has made America weak, that comfort has made America timid, and that victory has made us stupid. Certainly some of our politicians have helped to feed that image. But the Jjihadists are also limited. In the past, when a power was truly supreme, other nations found it necessary to try one of four basic strategies to deal with it. They would make alliances or treaties if they could, but not only do the Jihadists hate such a notion, they actually have nothing to offer in the way of a treaty, anyway. And of course, by now negotiation is quite out of the question.

The second means is to form alliances against the superior power, to hold them back or to attack a flank to weaken the power. Unfortunately for the Jihadists, this too is not a viable option. The United States, contrary to the lies from people like Moore and Gore, has established a firm reputation for honoring its commitments and keeping its word, certainly better than many other nations and the traditional empires of the past. This makes treaties and agreements with the United States much more attractive to most Middle East governments than aligning with the Jihadists, whatever their leaders may say to Al-Jazeera. And so the Jihadists, partly due to American integrity and partly due to their own radical agenda, find themselves largely alone in their cause. They can rouse a mob to create a riot, and they can kill innocent people here and there, but in military terms, they are not in a position to launch a true offensive, even if Iran throws in officially behind them.

The third way is guerilla warfare, and on first glance this may appear to be the Jihadfists’ plan in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet their plans in those countries are failing. Yes, they can kill civilians and the occasional soldier or two, but they are continuing to lose not only territory, but support among the people. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to terms with the reality that they truly own their own country, and what happens is up to them. If the United States stays resolute, then inside of four years these nations will be thriving and self-sufficient. And an absolute nightmare for the Jihadists.

So, only one weapon remains for the Jihadists: fear. That was why the September 11th attacks were planned as they were. Bin Laden ignored military bases and a direct confrontation with US forces, and went after office buildings and landmarks. He was hoping to cause fear and terror among ordinary people, and so to foment a demand for retreat. The Democrats obliged him, but not the President, nor the American people. And as time passes, even as the cost rises the determination remains strong, and by the time the last Jihadist leader comprehends the scale of his blunder, it will be about the same time that free governments are installed in the last of the Middle East nations which presently think suicide bombing is a valid means of conducting policy.

Open message to the Jihadists: You’re going to lose, and the only thing you love which will remain to you in the end, will be the death you so admire and pursue. But I would not desire death, were I you. You have already murdered innocent people, including women and children, and for such as you there is no Paradise, only the torment of a just resolution. But as you desire death, rest assured we will bring yours to you as soon as Allah allows.

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