Thursday, February 09, 2006

Larry Sabato's Donkey Ball


I lost a lot of respect for Larry Sabato in the early months of 2004. By February he was claiming “Bush Is In Real Trouble”, and claiming that the President would have trouble keeping up with John Kerry. By April, Sabato was gravely informing us he considered the U.S. to be in “a serious recession producing a "very poor" economy”, strongly inferring that President Bush would lose in November. In August, Sabato assured us that the debate about the candidates’ Vietnam War records would play a major role in the decision.

You get the idea. Sabato was wrong. Not by a little, and not just on one call, but consistently, he missed the mark by a country mile.

So, keep that in mind when you read Sabato’s latest prognostications:

“Americans are once again reminded that every once in a while, an underdog team can come back up from the depths, run the table, and pull off a remarkable victory. This year, congressional Democrats … are crossing their fingers for some of the against-the-odds Steelers magic”

Of course, the Steelers had an idea what their game plan was, they were a class act, and their coach was a long-time veteran of the game with ideals and discipline, and a decent clue about what would work. Can’t say the same for the Donks.

“Statehouses Gleam for Democrats in 2006”

All that glitters is not gold, pally.

“2006 Senate Leans Democratic”

And I hear Enron stock is a good buy right now.

And as for the White House?

“Should one party pick a nominee who is manifestly closer to the nation's large moderate, independent pool of voters, that party will be on track to victory”

The 2008 early Oscar hopeful, “Shilling for Hillary”, is now showing at Sabato’s multiplex, it seems.

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