Thursday, July 06, 2006

Enron Misdirected

Well, Ken Lay is dead and you know what that means: Time once again to blame the Republicans! Or at least bring up bizarre conspiracy theories and claims that dying was somehow not enough.

But even the Washington Post admits that “Ken Lay had the ear of top Democrats in the 1980s and 90s. He and his colleagues used that access to promote the company's interests with the Clinton administration and key congressional Democrats". And just before their bankruptcy, after the Bush Administration refused to bail out the company or even meet with them, Enron gave a pile of money it could ill-afford to spend to Democrat campaigns in hopes of buying friends on that side of the aisle.

I’m hardly saying that we should be hanging Enron on the Democrats. But it sure seems like the Left never learns – one recalls the peculiar reaction to a funeral in Minnesota, or at least the adults remember. This will either have no effect in the fall, or it will hurt the Democrats if they try again to play it into something it never was.

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bigv said...

I recall the absolute furor about Enron and a certain party declaring how horrible it was and how investigations needed to start like YESTERDAY DUDE!!!!... and then a quick look revealed one of the bigest pigs at the trough was Bill Clinton. The "official" fury went on so the little guy in the party would have a cause to support but the people in power seemed to shut up about the whole deal, using it only as a club on Bush when they ran out of other things to kvetch about.