Monday, August 28, 2006

Gore-bal Warming

Al Gore has been making a lot of nasty accusations about a lot of people he does not like.

If this story is true, it looks like Mr. Gore may be getting a hard lesson in Karma.

And since Democrats always like to guess about what scandals might mean for Republicans, I can’t help but wonder what a former Donk VP getting into financial shenanigans might mean?

in the interests of accuracy, I should mention this post was originally dated August 31.


Mark L. said...

This must really be a Monday kind of Monday. It is Thursday already.

Mark L said...

Thanks for the note that the post was originally dated October 31.

It would have been easy to let people assume I was nuts (well, more than I already am) to avoid the embarrassment of 'fessing up to a date error. That integrity is one reason I read your blog.