Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Proof That The U.S. Has One Political Party And One Political Street Gang

John Hawkins asked right-wing bloggers to name the twelve people “on the right” that we found the most annoying. The main thing which struck me was that Conservatives are honest enough to admit that not all Conservatives are good people, and not all Republicans are good Conservatives, and not everyone who has the right opinion expresses it in the best way.

Take Michael Savage, for instance. Strictly speaking, I agree with many of his political views, but he expresses his opinion in a very poor way, regularly insulting people with no provocation or reason – I lost all respect for him when he remarked once that he felt no sympathy for the family of the Princess Diana, because – in his words – she was ‘planning to marry a raghead’. The man is a classless boor who does far more harm than good with his style.

On the political scene, my list also included John McCain. McCain is a tough call in some ways – he sometimes makes stands for noble causes, and as a former combat veteran and P.O.W., he has earned the credibility few others can claim when speaking about war. That said, McCain has often also proved himself an opportunist and a back-stabber, whose word cannot be trusted for a moment. He strikes me very much like a Republican Clinton, and therefore must never be trusted with the office of President of the United States.

I also included Michelle Malkin on my list. That was a tragic turn; Malkin used to be one of the most insightful and rational writers for the Conservative point of view, but that all changed with the Immigration debate. Malkin fell into the practice of unfairly twisting the President’s words just so she could use him as a rhetorical punching bag, and blame him – a la Al Franken – for things she knew full well he either had not caused, never said, or simply had no control over. She slipped, as some other notables on the Right have done, over the edge of rational debate and considered opinion into bitter rancor and feuding. Her own words may now be used in testament against her, all because she chose a poor method in a bitter mood.

Doubtless, some or even many Conservatives may read my submissions here and take issue with them. Savage, McCain, Malkin, and many others who made the list presented by Hawkins have their fans and supporters. And that, too, is my point. There is no monolithic “Conservative” view; we are as varied as the sixty-two million voters who re-elected President Bush, and more to come as the new generation of voters wake up not only to the lies of Liberal politicians, but to the fact that the Democrats are bankrupt at the Bank of Ideas. Every proposal from the Donks in the past quarter-century has been nothing but copied from an old Donk playbook. You know why the Donks always try to compare the War in Iraq to Vietnam? Because for the Donks, that’s the last war that they understood. Maybe it was a bad reaction to the first run of “Miami Vice”, but the Donks lost it and just never got moving forward again.

Anyway, this poll proves it once again. Sure, there are plenty of Liberal sites and columns which are quick to name the various Conservatives they despise, and God help the Donk who steps out of line as decreed from the DNC – funny, actually, it sure looks like it’s the Left which acts like robots and whacks their own if they show an independent mind – just look at the grief Joe Lieberman is getting for actually holding an opinion that did not get approved by a Clinton or a Moore. I cannot think of a single Democrat forum where vicious attacks by Liberals which cost the Left more of its dwindling credibility, is criticized for its incivility and poor strategy. I cannot recall ever reading a piece where Liberals warn their extremists to use evidence instead of insults to persuade the nation. As long as our side is willing to be honest and criticize our own, we will stay healthy and become stronger. The Democrats/Liberals are more and more becoming like the Crips, dangerous but stupid.


Nancy said...

You are so right about Michelle Malkin. Such a shame, I used to love reading her, but now she is on her own "Anti-Bush" rant - I don't agree with everything the President says and does, but I still show respect for a man who is taking it on the chin every day for this country. Michelle, on the other hand, is becoming too much like the Looney Left and our own Looney Rights - if Bush doesn't do everything as they see it should be done,.. well.. damn.. he doesn't have my support anymore. So often, I've said if I were GW - I'd go on TV one night and say.. I tried.. couldn't please all of you.. I'm out of here. Do whatever the hell you please.

Squiggler said...

I was surprised to see Malkin on the list as I thought she was everyone's darling on the right, but her bitter immigration rhetoric turned me off to her and I stayed in a snit for a month. As with all those listed, it really depends on the day and the issue as to whether they are on the throne or in the doghouse. I would have put Bill Kristol on my own list at #1 least favorite because to me he is always a whiny woos.

Dan said...

You need to read more lefty blogs. We engage in thoughtful critiques of each others' views all the time.