Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cue The Ominous Music

"Go, my people, enter your rooms
and shut the doors behind you;
hide yourselves for a little while
until his wrath has passed by."

- Isaiah 26:20

Test today in Economics 6351. Sure, the prof calls it a "quiz", but it's an hour long and covers four chapters. I have been studying and reviewing, but still admit to some apprehension.

Sheesh, if I'm this worked up over the first test, the Mid-Term could kill me!


Mark L said...

I remember when I went back to grad school after about ten years in industry.

The night after every test, I would have a nightmare about getting a zero on the test. In those dreams my answers were wrong. Not just wrong, but laughably wrong. I'd aways wake up at the point where I discovered I had gotten a ten and the median score was 95. Of course, when I would go to the next class -- in the real, rather than the dream world, I had aced the test.

Then came a class where the professor gave the test in the first hour of class, and then -- after we turned it in -- gave us the answers (and why they were the answers). I really liked that approach (and used it when I taught) because when I got the right answers the following week, I could never figure out *why* I had chosen it. The immediate feedback meant I would correct the erroneous concepts immediately. (I knew why I had been *that* stupid.)

I remember going home after the first such test, and thinking "Well, I KNOW I got an "A" on THAT one. No nightmare tonight.


Instead the dream was that I had marked answer number "1" in the number "2" slot, and so on down the page -- and tanked the test. (In the real world I did not, of course.)

That subconscious will getcha every time.

chsw10605 said...

Mark I: Did you also have the nightmare about using a number 3 pencil?

DD: This test is your welcome to B-school. Tests are supposed to weed people out. Good luck. Just remember, no one asks a CEO whether he (or she) graduated first in his (her) B-school class.