Tuesday, September 26, 2006

IQ 086 and Falling?

Work is insane right now.

Various stresses at home right now.

I have two tests this week, one more next week, two assignments due plus starting on two term papers ... then mid-terms in eleven days.

Blogging will be intermittent, sorry.


Mark L. said...

Could be worse, D. J. Could be me with all the schoolwork, instead of you.

(Didn't really expect sympathy, didja?)

Seriously though, don't let it stress you out. Start on the research for the papers -- that will calm you down, as you get into it. Once your heartrate returns to normal, start studying for the tests.

Been there. Not for years, thank God, but been there.

chsw10605 said...

Good luck. Remember to take some time to play with the kids, talk to your wife, and walk the dog (if you have one). These are important to recharge the mental batteries.