Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why I Did Not Participate In Project 2,996

Now that the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 abomination has passed, I want to point out one tremendous effort; the 2,996 Project, where volunteer bloggers each remembered one particular person on 9/11/06 who passed away on 9/11/01.

This was a great gesture, and exactly what the day needed. Thank you, good people.

I did not participate in that effort, because my heart was not so molded. Certainly these people deserved their honor, and thank God for the bloggers who stepped forward and took up that challenge. Certainly this was a very good thing, at a time where we see so little of true goodness on that scale. But I remember King David of Israel, who wanted to build a temple for God. God told him ‘no’, because David was a bloody man.

I am not worthy to claim any comparison to David, whose heart was right with God. But I see my place as different than to stand with choirs or poets. I will speak my share of praise and doggerel, no worry of that, and you might even find my Irish wit worth a look and a laugh. But my focus is on the fight, and if I am not in condition to carry a gun, nor will my present circumstances allow me to take a government post (for which Liberals, always quick with jibes and taunts these days, will doubtless mock me if they pay any attention at all) , then I will use my mind and reason to sway the opinions of reasoning persons, and define the enemy wherever and whomever he may be. Whenever I think about 9/11, I am filled with rage and determined to not let it slip into platitudes and apathy.

My anger prevented me from being able to do justice to these victim’s memories, but I will apply it to prevent, as best I can, some fool in Washington letting it happen again.


Big V said...

... and to your last paragraph, I say... AMEN!

Anna said...

Not a problem DJ. I do better with the tributes, whether it's for the 9/11 victims or for our soldiers. I'm not great with the confrontations, so you can handle that area!