Friday, October 13, 2006

Absence Makes The Mind Go Foggy

Hello again, friends and readers. I have not forgotten my blogging duties entirely, but have been swamped by my academic duties, Two Mid-term exams are finished, and I am still wrestling my take-home Accounting Exam. “Take-Home” makes it sound all convenient and easy, doesn’t it? Don’t you believe it! My answer page is up to page 13, and I am still not done.

More after I get this monster shoved out the door, but for now I want to remind you that yes, the media is still obsessed with the Foley story. You know, the creep who has already resigned and gone home, while certain other creeps – can you say ‘Harry Reid’? – not only remain in office, but catch the traditional pass from the media. But don’t anyone dare suggest they are biased!

One hint of an upcoming article – am I the only person who worries about a Nuclear Japan?

Read up on your history and think about it. More soon.


Anonymous said... are spending your time wisely on your school work. You will succeed the meantime, we will miss your wisdom and look forward to your return.

Go hit those books. It's worth it.

Anonymous said...



good luck...

haven't been able to think about a NUKE Japan, just busy on the upcoming election...

got to make HISTORY, and send the Democrats to the door again.

Mark L. said...

Look at the bright side -- you have a word processor to help out.

Even as late as 1990 (when I was working on my MBA) I ended up doing take-home tests longhand.