Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Damned, The Left, and Terrorists

One of the most difficult things about being a fundamentalist Christian, is that you always have to clear away so many false assumptions and misconveyed statements by others claiming the same name, before you can even get around to saying what you want to make plain. To a degree, the same thing can be said for the three groups mentioned in my title here. There is a lot of confusion and a lot of assumption, which muddies the waters and makes it difficult to discuss the key issues and to advance the debate. With that in mind, I am tossing off a few thoughts on these three groups.

First, the damned. When I say the damned, I am not so much talking about humans as the fallen angels. I have noticed that when skeptics want to deny the sovereignty of God and the truth of the Bible, they often point to the rebellion of Satan and his angels, and ask why anyone close enough to see God as He really is, would rebel knowing the eternal consequences of hell. They say that if the angels were really as smart as claimed, they would never have made such a choice. That claim, of course, misses the fact that all creatures make irrational decisions, sometimes for worse, sometimes for better. It’s actually part of our identity; a perfectly rational being cannot be human at all. In fact, I rather suspect that our gracious Lord is not rational Himself, but I suppose I had better let that tangent go for another time.

And this brings me to my admittedly incomplete thought for the day. The Left and Terrorist groups have an awful lot in common. There was a time when I would not have touched such a thought, but more and more I see an echo between them; what one say the other repeats. Most people on the Left, certainly, do not approve of violence against innocents, yet they more and more turn a blind eye to the injustice and atrocity of Terrorism, because they find a common enemy. As cruel as it sounds, the Left is willing to accept a measure of Terrorism if it means the Republicans and Conservatives lose. And the Left is quite willing to use the same dishonest rhetoric and paranoia to advance their argument. Look at the upcoming election. Terrorists threaten violence if they do not get the result they demand, and now the Left is doing the same.

Is it any wonder the Left wants us to pull out of Iraq? Everytime a Marine kills a terrorist, a Leftist considers it the loss of a friend of his.

The Left are enemies of America and all she stands for. It really is that cold, hard, and true.


smh10 said...


From your fingers to God's ears.

The last three paragraphs are some of the most courageous work I have read on the net in some time. You have written what many have thought or perhaps even alluded to. There is a great percentage of this citizenship who would agree with every word you wrote and our best hope is that they all vote in the mid-terms.

Thanks for an extremely wonderful piece which I am sure was most difficult to write.

Dan said...

Sad that anyone would be so corrupted with hate and misunderstanding to think such things, and even sadder that you would write them. I pray for you.


akaDoug said...

What a sad and pathetic life you must lead for you to write such paranoid ramblings. Or maybe you're just trying to "shock" readers into responding. Whatever the case you've hit a new low!

The worst part (didn't think it could get much worse) is smh10 is probably right there are a great deal of citizens who agree with you (these apparently are the only people that continue to support Bush).

I'm praying it's just the stress of this election that is making you go mental, as this stress has also seemed to hit a great deal of your heroes.

Dan said...

Funny that smh10 would wish that your thoughts would go from your fingers to God's ears. I agree with him or her that your thoughts are nothing that would ever occur to God. Never. Amd the day that God is relying on this blog for advice would be a sad one, indeed.

smh10 said...

Dan and akadoug:

I have the utmost respect for you to feel as you do about this piece
AJ penned, however, I will say again, I support his words.

It is very simple to see why many of us feel this way..a party that condones a sitting Predident being compared to Hitler..offers no comment when a movie depicting his demise is released, uses the liberal court system to achieve their agenda, leaks classified information to the MSM which compromises the safety of each and every citizen of this country and admires an ex President who disgraced the Office of the Presidency for his own personal pleasure and on and on.

Please understand that I do not live in a world where I believe one party has more shortcomings than the other..that is not the case but when it comes to respect and dignity I am sorry to say I do not believe the Democrats any longer have the capacity for either.

And, yes I will support this President until the end of his term. He is after all our Commander in Chief and the only one we have. The office itself calls for some sense of loyalty from the people..or maybe I am just to old in a changing world. Also, yes, while I disagreed in many instancs with President Clinton, I did support the fact that he was the President of the United States..it's not the man, it's the office and if we don't get back to some sense of civility we will be the laughing stock of the world and not because of George W. Bush but because of our corrupt thinking driven home every day by the media and talking heads.

Sorry AJ, I know this is a long comment but these comments just go to why we feel this way. If these individuals read you often they would realize you are not a hateful pathetic person but one who thrives on facts, not innuendo..enough is enough and it is time for us to fight back. I still believe you said what many won't. Thanks. Rant over.

akadoug said...

There's no question that DJ said what many won't...there's a reason for that!

And if his writing was indeed based on facts, prove to me that all of us on the left want our soldiers dead while terrorists live. I know I want my nephew home and alive, I know I want my friend and a father of 5 young kids home and alive. So don't tell me that I am (or for that matter nearly all on the left) choosing politics over friends, family and our country because that is a LIE!

If I use DJ's logic, the Republicians must have been thrilled on 9/11...it started a war they wanted, it gave the president some God-inspired purpose (plus high approval ratings) and it happened to kill at least a few liberals in the process. That's a good day for a hate-filled righty!! Get Real!

And SMH10 don't even start a holier than thou debate between the Dems and Republicans...you choose to believe that God is on your side, I'll continue to know where MY God stands.

DJ's moronic post showed his true colors...it's now clear he's an extreme right-wing nut job! Because according to DJ, I, and at least 40% of the country, apparently am now an enemy of the state! It must be sad to live a life with that much hate!