Friday, October 06, 2006

On Alert

Captain, enemy vessels approaching fast.




The Borg?


No captain, much worse.



Evasive action.

No success Captain, their Syllabus has eliminated control of the helm.


Impossible, Captain. We have just enough power for Life Support and a couple extra Study Sessions, along with Assigned Reading Review.

That ... that's just crazy enough to work!


Jim Kouri said...

That was an hysterical posting! But, alas, it's probably an accurate assessment of the upcoming November elections.

Conservatives have to work to take back the GOP from the RINOs and power-grabbing phonies. That means starting on November 8 the conservative movement get on the ball and support a real conservative.

For instance, how many conservatives know that one person is already confirmed as a GOP candidate? John Cox of Illinois. How many know he is creating a name for himself in three states -- Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

According to the LA Times, he's even airing campaign TV ads (If interested they're posted on his website

But it's not about one man, it's about a Second Reagan Revolution. Local and national GOP leaders dumped if they don't tow the line and new names and faces supported if they do.

If today's GOP couldn't reform illegal immigration and border security, then they should all step-down, move out of the way, and let real conservatives take over.

Anna said...

May you ACE your mid-terms!