Sunday, October 29, 2006

School Update

For those interested;

Completed Quiz on Chapter 10 in Accounting, got 100%, brings class average up to a nudge above 83% (Assignment 4 of 6 submitted but no grade yet);

Took Economics Quiz on Chapters 7, 10, and 11 today, scored 95%, class average at 99%;

Term Paper due for Business & Society Monday October 30 at 8 AM.

Quiz on Chapter 6 in Accounting this week.

Assignment 5 in Accounting due this Saturday.

Term Paper in Economics due November 14.

Just in case you wondered why I am not as chatty as usual.

Oh, and for the record Time Warner Roadrunner High-Speed Internet is a lying, bumbling, collection of con men and incompetents. More than half of Houston, they say, is unable to access their wonderful service for the second straight day, at least 34 hours and counting by my clock. What's even more telling about the "expertise" of these people is that they do not know what, precisely, is wrong, they will not say what they are doing to fix the problem, they have no idea when it will befixed, and they resent the hell out of customers being at all displeased by any of these things.

I am on dial-up right now. Don't expect any glowing reviews about Total Wripoff Roadkill Won't-Work Internet anytime soon.

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