Thursday, November 09, 2006

Don’t Bet Against Bush, Even Now

All right, I admit it. For the first time since his first run for office, Dubs lost to the Donks. Of course, I have been clear that this was largely due to the snubbing of Dubs by his own party. Somebody want to explain to me again, why it was so smart to reject the man who got 62 million votes plus not so very long ago? I called that move stupid just a couple days ago, but really, ‘stupid’ just doesn’t do justice to how profoundly foolhardy the GOP acted in its rejection of its core constituency. Others have pointed out just how stale the “Contract With America” got by this year. Others have warned that acting just like Democrats was a sure way to get Democrats elected. Others have observed that the issues voters cared about the most; winning in Iraq, securing our borders, cleaning the government of trash from either party – these were ignored by Republican politicos who thought they could slide by with a wink and a smile. But it needs to be said again, that it was incalculably poor strategy to turn away from Dubya. All that did was let the Donks play ‘divide and conquer’, all that did was force Republican voters to decide whether they supported their country’s President or their Congressman/Senator, all that did was confuse and anger the base, so that for the first time in memory. Republicans, especially Conservatives, simply gave up and put the electoral gun to their own head in hopes it would “send a message”. Well it did, only the message sent was to the Democrats, and that message was as white a flag as anything Paris could have issued.

So there we are. The party of William “Freezer” Jefferson and Harry “Land Deal” Reid, of Ted “Swim Team” Kennedy and Chucky “Statesman” Schumer, or Nancy “Paxil” Pelosi and Alcee “The Impeached” Hastings, is now in charge of how much you will be taxed, how (if!) we establish a self-sufficient state in Iraq, and even what the Constitution says. But even now, there is hope. Don’t forget that in 2001, the Congress was not in all that much better shape than it is now. Remember how Jim Jeffords gave the Senate to the Democrats? Remember how hard it was for Dubya to get Congress to remember its duty in the first part of 2001? Frankly, Dubya did a pretty good job during the pre-9/11 days, when the Donks played a lot of cards to sway popular sentiment their way. And he will persevere through these coming dark days, to keep his sworn duty to the nation. He’s done it before without the fair-weather support, and he will do his job to the best of his ability, which is considerable.

I heard today that John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi together announced that impeachment proceedings of President Bush are “off the table”. Think about that, and ask yourself why they would say that now. It’s because they understood what those pink-fluff poodles in the GOP who deserted Dubya forgot; Job Approval for President Bush is one thing, but the man himself remains well-respected and liked. Dubya may be down now, but he remains a winner, and only a very great fool would bet against him. Even now.


Eeeeevil Bastard Marcus said...


Seriously, are you in love with GWB? You blame Republicans for not having the undying /unconditional love for GWB as the cause for loosing. In your post yesterday, you blamed Congressmen who didn't stand by the president for loosing. I hate to break the bad news to you but GWB's presence caused both Talent and the incumbent who lost in Montana (I forget his name) to lose.

This president has an approval rating in the 30s/40s. Guess what DJ?, GWB isn't very popular. There are Democrats who hate him and independents who don't like his performance. Do you believe that it was their votes that caused the Republicans to lose?

It's time for you to wake up and face reality.

Squiggler said...

Amen. 100% spot on, DJ.

smh10 said...


You said it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you DJ. I would also like to see the GOP become more aggressive, and GOP Congressmen band together .

sam said...

Why is it CW that Bush is dragging the Republican Congress down? Bush has approval ratings in the 30/40s. Congress has approval ratings in the 10s/20s. It seems to me that the Republican Congress dragged Bush down.

Dan said...

Speaking of bets, I sure wish you had backed up your talk with a bet on TX-22 when I called you on it. I guess you knew you were wrong, though - and so did the guy who talked about FL-16.

Easy money betting against your prognostications . . .

DJ Drummond said...

Dan, Dan, Dan ...

While I am disappointed that TX-22 went Democrat, even you should be honest enough to admit it was not quite the cakewalk you expected, which was what I had actually said all along.

I said from the start that the write-in requirement made it a tough race for Sekula-Gibbs, but that anyone who thought it was automatic was just not aware of the district's constituency.

Lampson won by collecting 76 thousand votes in a district with 200,000 registered voters. That basically means he got all the Democrats in the District to show up, since in '04 Dems only represented about 38-39% of the population. That was a great job on Lampson's part, great organization.

Sekula-Gibbs got 61 thousand votes, which may not sound impressive until you realize that they were all write-ins, and does not count the additional 40 thousand Republicans who voted straight-ticket; if Sekula-Gibbs had gotten half of those, she would have won.

So sorry to tweak you again Dan, but I was right in what I claimed.

Dan said...

Fair enough, DJ.

I wonder what the highest number of write-in votes ever cast was. I have to admit that 61,000 is pretty impressive.

Does it surprise you that 40,000 republicans weren't clever enough to vote for their candidate, despite the massive publicity on the issue?

Republicans here in Missouri recently changed the law to refuse "straight ticket" voting, because more Democrats use it than Republicans. They lost anyhow.