Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bad Football Teams and Congress

The Houston Texans beat the Los Angeles Raiders in NFL action last Sunday. Considering that before the game the two teams were a collective 5 wins and 11 losses, that’s no big bragging stake. But what was interesting about the Texans win, was that it was done through a decent run game, a very strong defense, and a moron playing quarterback. With Sage Rosenfels out for the season with a broken thumb, the Texans have no choice but to rely on the foolish and unreliable David Carr. Carr failed to complete even one pass in the second half against the Raiders, and ended up with negative five yards total passing for the day. By itself, that could mean one bad day, but frankly, Carr has never yet passed gut check for more than one game, and his development has been clearly in reverse for the last two years. In summary then, the Texans won Sunday in spite of their quarterback and their offense.

The connection to Congress is the now-obvious fact that Speaker-to-be Pelosi does not have much in the way of skill or competence in her position, and whatever work is done to the good will be done in spite of her, not because of her “leadership”. Pelosi has managed to say or do the wrong thing in everything from her preferences for leadership, to paying attention to the voters’ desires and wants. The rest of her offense, the Democrat who will try to move the ball on their policies and wish-lists and witch-hunts, is just as inept and incompetent, as time will surely prove. Fortunately, the team that is the United States will muddle through, and through the dutiful work of a few individuals we can depend on, the nation will endure until 2008, when a correction will again be made available to the team’s owners, the America people.


Dan said...

This is too easy to refute. With Bush at quarterback, we can't win against a division III school . . .

Anonymous said...

Wow Dan, must have stayed up all night thinking up that original putdown.

With Bush at QB we can't beat anyone because someone (like Dan) sold his playbook to the other team perhaps.

Yes, I'm calling you a traitor Dan.

But to the actual blog post...LA Raiders? Um, they're in Oakland and have been for several years.


Dan said...

ooooh, an anonymous sissy called me a traitor. How upsetting.