Sunday, January 21, 2007


The New Orleans Saints are getting their butts kicked by the Chicago Bears right now. And a few days from now, a lot of people who rode the Saints bandwagon will jump off, climb on the wagon for one of the Superbowl teams and pretend they were there all along. That happens, of course – everyone knows what a “fair-weather” friend or supporter is. It occurs to me that we see the same thing in politics, as well, even more often. Deserters always make excuses, but in the end few people show loyalty under the test, no matter how much it is deserved by the man they desert.

History will vindicate George Walker Bush, not only as a good President, but as one of our best. Not only because of the tax cuts which reignited the economy, not only because he was the first President to seriously try to reform Social Security, not only because he saw us through the 9/11 crisis without either a rash or cowardly result, but because he stood by his people, especially listening to the military and making decisions by what was best in the long run. For everyone concerned.

Few people will agree now. It has become quite fashionable to show a backbone of butter, or worse to falsely insult the President if one can make points off it. I heard more than one Republican this past week try to pretend that President Bush did not know how hard the fight would be in Iraq, a baseless lie obvious to anyone who bothers to recall any of his State of the Union addresses or his response to early and constant whining from the press. It is those politicians who never found themselves willing to bear the burden or keep the commitment, who so falsely try to shift their own guilt onto the President. We’ve certainly seen that before. Such cowards blamed Ford for Vietnam, and Reagan for Lebanon, while they themselves never found it convenient to stand with the President when the nation itself required such a sacrifice.

I am writing today’s piece as something of a bookmark. The day most certainly will come, when many pretend that they stood with President Bush. But only those who stand with him now can honestly claim that honor.

I stand with the President, as always, and support his efforts wholeheartedly. And so I condemn the desertion of pretenders and enemies who thought to fool the party and the nation.


Anonymous said...

I have been with Bush from the beginning - I feel he has not lied to us as those on the other side would have you believe. I will continue to stick with him. He is included in my prayers. I agree history will be much kinder than the current noise we hear.
God Bless Him and our troops.

Dan said...

Let me be the first to say that I consider Bush a coward and a weakling, and if I ever try to act like I thought he was anything other than a failure as a president, I will be lying.

smh10 said...

I have never waivered in my support of this President nor will I.

A lesser man would have blamed others, made excuses and surrounded himself with spin doctors to do his dirty work.

It seems to me this is all about "communication"..if this President speaks, he is condemned for his so called lack of skills, if he does not then he is villified for the lack thereof.

A weak man retreats in the face of
adversity, my President has and will not!

Jack Wayne said...

What Dan said.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...



I saw on Hang Right where MD Anderson finally got all of your records-I'm still praying for you to get in there.

Hang in there DJ one step at a time.

Lemon tea-you might also try lemon juice-weird I know but I was reading about your disease and then about this lemon juice fast and it said it was good for clearing mucuous cells-pretty weird.

I wouldn't do the fast but the lemon juice. Supposedly it is the most readily absorbed by the body for vtamin C.

I did some research and there just isn't much out there.

Seems like all roads lead to that Dr. Sugarbaker in DC.

MD Anderson is right up there. You are very lucky both you and they are in Houston.

Anyways DJ I hope your family gets feeling better.

Japh said...

Hello DJ. I think someone needed to say what you said and I think President Bush is the right man for the job at the present time.
I dont get how a good and decent man gets so vilified by everyone around him and still has the fortitude to stay the course in getting things done.

kmazz said...

Hi, DJ! I wondered where you ended up! I am glad that you are still blogging, but I am sad to hear about your health. My prayers are definitely with you...

I can't believe all of the whining I have been hearing on other blogs about how terrible our president is. I remember shortly after 9/11 happened that President Bush told the American People that the fight against terrorism will be a long and arduous task. This war is very different than any other war we have fought. Why are we so quick as a country to demean the character of one person who has "stayed the course"? President Bush has not wavered from his belief system, and is not the kind of person to put his finger in the air to see where the wind is blowing. That is why I voted for him in the first place.

Granted, we will never find a president that will fit in every single category and issue that we believe in... I look at the candidate and ask what is this person going to do for our country as a whole?

Again, I am glad that I found your blog, and now I have a place to hang my hat (I've been in the wildreness since you left PoliPundit).


FedUp said...


Spot On! (As usual.) I stand with our President and I will never abandon him.

He obviously gets his strength from God; how else could he make such hard decisions, day in and day out?

As for his critics - who cares? On the best of days any President will only make 60% of the people happy.

God Bless Pres. Bush.

antimedia said...

DJ, throughout the past six years, come fair weather or foul, you could count on Bush to do the right thing in the war on terror. There are very few other politicians you can say that of - Lieberman being one. For that alone, he is to be commended. To "dan" and his ilk - you are without a clue. And to "jack wayne", you have less than a clue. Bush's father didn't have the balls to finish the job when it would have been much, much easier. George Bush has the balls to finish the job even if 80% of America is against him.

Presidents don't get any better than that.

tomu said...

I don't understand what you mean about support. I supported Rumsfeld when he was getting criticized for not having enough troops in Iraq. I believed, and still do, that this is going to be a long drawn out affair and we need to preserve our readiness. I still support the Iraq mission, but do not believe the Surge is going to have an effect. I have never supported the President’s position on Illegal Immigration. I judge policies by their historical impact on our country and if the underlying motivations are truly noble. I think Iraq is in this camp; immigration is not. Amnesty and opening up our borders, on whole, is a selfish cause being pursued by people trying to avoid the obvious while serving special interest.

Nate said...

I'll never understand the left's need to hate this president. It's as if 9/11 never happened, or was no big deal.

There we were on 9/12, thousands dead, and we didn't know how big the danger was. The only thing we could be sure of is that our policies toward the breeding ground of terrorists that is the middle east needed to change because the status quo was getting us killed. So Bush stepped up, just as Gore would have had to do, shouldered the enormous burden for the safety of 300 million people, and tried.

Democracy in the middle east is an ambitious goal, but IF it could be achieved, IF the left in this country had the balls to see it through, is a damned fine idea if the goal is to change the conditions that breed terrorists there.

Anyway, it's not as if the whining left in this country have any better ideas. Anyone? Anyone on the left want to step up here and give us your grand solution to combatting global terrorism?


The simple truth is the left HAS NO other ideas, but if it had been Gore doing exactly what Bush did, they would have been with him all the way. If they had shown any support for Bush's efforts to protect us all, or at least refrained from calling him a liar and idiot every time they opened their bitchy mouths, we might even have pulled it off. They are in fact deserters, and I blame them for our troubles as much as I do Bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

I stand with President Bush and our brave military. I am astounded at the short sightedness of some who are looking for immediate political gain and sacrifice national security and truth. This is a long tough fight and the President has always said it would be. Why do some American delight in the prospect of failure?