Thursday, January 04, 2007

School and Cancer Update

Some time ago, I promised to keep anyone who was interested, updated on my journey towards my MBA degree. Unfortunately, while that effort will continue it must be postponed for a semester, as my cancer has spread and the surgery I thought might wait for summer must be done much sooner.

To be honest, I was almost a great fool on that score. I had thought that because I felt well physically, without much pain or difficulty in motion and digestion, that I might be able to set my work and personal affairs in order, even taking on the spring courseload at UH-Victoria and putting my surgery off until mid-May at the earliest. The good people at the MD Anderson Cancer Center corrected me of that presumption rather quickly. The staff reminded me that cancer does not obligingly hold off its attack on the body, but must generally be attacked as soon as possible, or else significant damage and danger will result. As if to underscore that lesson, my bowels have been especially painful these past few days, almost as if I had swallowed a handful of quarters and half-dollars which I was now trying to pass. Not a good feeling, at all. So I accepted reality and cancelled my spring semester. I also am hurrying up collection of critical information I need for the Gastro-Intestinal department at MDA, such as my CT Scan and pathology data, reports from the last three doctors I have seen, and the necessary support for the insurance company’s files.


smh10 said...


Thank goodness for those "good people at MDA" who will guide you through this process. Please keep us all updated on how things are moving along for you.

Prayers are sent out to you and your family for a successful course of treatment which will allow you to get on with life in short order.

All the best.

Ruth H said...

I'm glad you've been persuaded to pursue the anti cancer strategy rather than the go on with my life, I can ignore this strategy. It's hard to believe nature can throw such a curve at what seems to be a healthy body, but it can happen. I am praying for the best for you and for the rest of your family.

Dan said...

Hang in there, my man.

Sounds like you're getting excellent care, and maintaining a kick-ass attitude. Keep it up. You're in my prayers.

Jeanette said...

Dear Lord, DJ,

I just read this. I'm sorry but I've been busy going out of town a lot and my reading has suffered for it.

May God be with you throughout this sickness and bring you even closer to Him than you are now. You will constantly be in my prayers.

The Great White Shank said...

Ditto to what what Jeanette said. I enjoy reading your posts, DJ nad the thoughts and prayers of Goodboys Nation are with you. Hang in there and don't give in an inch!