Monday, January 15, 2007

Something I Did Not Know Before

My readers will already be aware that I do not think all that highly of Democrats, particularly the present leadership. However, I try to be honest when considering people, and I have discovered something which needs to be praised.

I am presently reading a book about the Zodiac Murders, and so came across the name of David Toschi, the San Francisco detective who was the lead investigator for the case. Unfortunately for Toschi, he became something of a celebrity, and so collected enemies and rivals along the way; while Toschi never voiced a desire to be anything but a good cop, it was rumored that some high-profile politicians intended to make him police chief, perhaps back him for elected office. A sort of smear campaign began against Toschi, which not only cost him his position in the Homicide department (Toschi was transferred to Pawn Shop robberies for allegedly writing fan mail about himself to a newspaper under assumed names), but which damaged the credibility of authenticated letters sent by the murderer. It was later established that Toschi broke no laws or regulations, and in no way compromised his work or the evidence, something police chief Gain cannot claim. He was restored to his former rank and duties after a number of people came to his defense, most notably then-City Supervisor Dianne Feinstein (later Mayor and now United States Senator). It should be noted that Feinstein put her own position at some risk to defend Toschi, and that the available information indicates her defense of Toschi was principled and apolitical.

I disagree with Senator Feinstein on a number of issues, but applaud her principles and courage in defending Detective Toschi. It demonstrates a level of character and integrity which should not be ignored.

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