Monday, March 26, 2007

Major League POTUS 2007

Oddly enough, there seems to be some mild interest in my 2007 match-ups between Presidents. For here, I will simply outline how the "League" works, and later I will post how each contest will be decided.

In early years of these match-ups, I simply posted Presidents one-on-one matching certain catagories of work and reputation, counting each equally and assigning a score. While there is a certain value to that system, it lacked what I wanted in this sort of thing, so I have revisited it. In terms of qualities, it seems to me that while a President does establish his name in certain ways, what is important at one time and place may be less important somewhere else. It is even possible thet a President who stands out in his own term, may have done a poor job in another time and condition, and vice versa. So, my Presidents will have "Home" games, where the conditions match their actual term of office, and "Road" games, where they are judged by the standards of another President. I have also set up a schedule based on two "Conferences", with three "Divisions" in each Conference of 7 Presidents each, set up chronologically. Since Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, our 43 Presidents are acually 42 people, which fits neatly. After 2008 this will be a problem, but for now no big deal.

Each President will play a home-and-away with each President from the "other" Conference (21 Presidents for 42 games), two home-and-away with each President in his own "Conference" but different "Division" (14 Presidents for 56 games), and four home-and-away with each President in his own "Division" (6 Presidents for 48 games), for a total of 146 games. This will play out in a fashion similar to the Major League Baseball season.

If you find this intriguing, just check back every so often and have a look. If it bores you, you may simply ignore any title which refers to MLP or "Major League Presidents".



smh10 said...


Could you explain please how you would set this up to judge one President against anothers standards.

Both my husband and I think it is a fascinating concept you have developed but are confused by how you hope to achieve just that one facet.

Jeanette said...

Sounds interesting, DJ. I hope I can follow it when it's actually done because I'm a bit confused by the rules right now.