Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Medical Update

It has been a busy two weeks!

Two weeks ago, I was training the guy who would be replacing me while I was out on FMLA leave, for surgery and convalescence. My schedule was full of preparations, as I readied myself for a series of tests on the 9th of March, to be followed by consultation on the 12th with Dr, Lambert at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The tests on Friday March 9 were long, detailed, and uncomfortable. But they were worth it for the news I got the following Monday. Dr. Lambert sat me down next to my wife Mikki, and informed us that - at this time - surgery is not necessary to treat my cancer. Essentially, what happened is that Dr. Thomas got everything in my surgery on November 7th, and what was left has not appreciably grown. They can treat it with chemicals, and in July I will have another CT scan at MDA and a laparascopic exam to see what's going on in there. Dr. Lambert hastened to warn me this is not 'cured', but it is very good news. Both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Foote has insisted that major surgery was inevitable.

Just one more reminder about doing your own homework, and ALWAYS get a second opinion.


smh10 said...

DJ: For the moment perhaps you and the family can breathe a little easier. How wonderful for all of you. Our thoughts and prayers will remain with you and thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...


Uh, I mean that in a good way....

Don't want a get all Howie Dean on ya-but sooooo coooool.

Also you know what?

This is weird but Costco has the cheapest carrot juice-it's called Naked

I kid you not.

Anyways drink up!

Greg said...

That's great news, DJ!

COgirl said...

Wonderful news, DJ. What a relief for all of you.

Jeanette said...


As I told you earlier, this really shows the power of prayer, doesn't it? God decided to bring you to the fire but to deliver you from the fire before putting you into it, at least for now.

May you continue with great medical news and may God continue to watch over you.

And we know that all things work to good for those who love God; who are called according to His purpose.

No other answer.

Dan said...

Great news, but not great enough to make me stop praying for you.

Thank you for repeating the wise advice to ALWAYS SEEK A SECOND OPINION. We are too polite, and think that doing so would be an insult. It's not - good doctors appreciate the added insight.

kimsch said...

Oh DJ, How wonderful! God is indeed good!

denise said...

Good news. I think many people have been praying for you. Your name is in my prayer journal and you are remembered in prayer every time I pick it up.
Hopefully this is just the beginning of more and more good news over time. Your name will remain in my journal. God bless.

Ruth H said...

I call this a Hallelujah moment!
Time is on your side. I am so thrilled for you. Not a cure, sure, but time may bring one. My best to you and yours.

FedUp said...


That is great news! I'm really happy for you DJ; I'll keep praying that the news in July is even better.

Thanks for the update; your readers do care for you.