Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Stakes of the United States Presidency 2008

In just about a year, the two political parties of significance in the United States will effectively decide their candidates for the Presidential election of 2008. When that happens, a large part of the participation of regular people in the decision will end, and the remainder of the election campaign will devolve to no better than an artificial process – political Velveeta, so far as the results matter. There will be no way to redeem the quality of the remaining pair from which we must choose, so now is the time to press hard questions and for clear quality of character and integrity.

For some reason, the media seems intent on ignoring the fact that many enemies of America are becoming more dangerous. North Korea and Iran certainly have nuclear weapons to some degree, a number of terrorist groups have been chasing them, China is ramping up a strong renovation of its military, especially its ability to deliver ICBMs and SLBMs. Also, a number of countries which have claimed friendship with the United States have been discovered dealing with America’s enemies for strategic resources and economic gain, usually personal gain. The scope and depth of the strategic international threat could scarcely be growing more quickly than it is now. Yet few media outlets seem interested in addressing this matter, and still fewer Presidential candidates.

The clock is running.


merjoem32 said...

You are correct. The candidates are focusing on more popular issues such as the war in Iraq and gay issues rather than national security. I think that they should present their plans about this issue as the 2008 presidential race campaign progresses.

Justin said...

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