Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Monday, Just So You Know What To Expect

I wanted to write a brilliant article. The thought-provoking, starling, kind that changes the world.


I also wanted to avoid wasting your time and attention. Let's see if I can meet that one...

Rough day at work. Got lectured by lawyers, badgered by bankruptcy filings, and I am still tired from the weekend. Nothing special there, but it occurs to me we all have days like that.

Funny thing, we all do our best day to day, and we try to cut each other some slack when it's obvious someone is having a rough go of it.

Or we should.

My doc told me that there is no good reason for me to continue having abdominal pain, and therefore it must be gas or psychosomatic.

Gas my ass.

Oh well, I guess this just proves that my imagination is very strong. That or my doctor is not all-knowing?

Hmm, that comes a little too clsoe to whining, so I will shut that down.

What else?

Oh yes, I forgot to put in my plug for Discount Tire. It's real simple, folks. For, hmm, round about 19 years now, they have had good prices and great service. GREAT service, as in, no surprises, good courtesy, they do what they promise and they get you done fast.

Why is that so rare?


My sister is doing better, by the way. I have cancer which does not need surgery - right now, anyway - but she had to have her spine worked on, and 4 disks fused. Yes, that sucks every bit as much as it sounds. So far, her recovery is good but she needs money and prayers. Specifically, it wouldn't hurt to pray that her company decides to think about getting her back onto a regular schedule, while keeping her condition in mind. Not always easy, that, but they're a bit timid about giving her enough hours.

BY the way, I'm going back to school again this summer. 3 courses, which I am told may be rough in the summer, but I want to catch up after missing the spring. I'm registered for Accounting, Management, and Quant. Gotta get my books, though.

Sorry if this is all boring. I did warn you this was a Monday post ...

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