Monday, April 09, 2007

MLP Round 005

Game Scores:

Washington at GW Bush, 36-34 Dubya
Jefferson at Taft, 32-30 Jefferson
Jackson at T Roosevelt, 33-32 Teddy
Truman at LBJ, 32-21 Truman
A Johnson at Monroe, 30-21 Monroe
McKinley at Hayes, 35-28 McKinley
B Harrison at Lincoln, 37-20 Lincoln
Eisenhower at Wilson, 33-25 Ike
Polk at Buchanan, 34-20 Polk
Tyler at Reagan, 31-25 Reagan
Garfield at Kennedy, 32-24 JFK
Cleveland at Ford, 35-33 Ford
Harding at Nixon, 30-24 Nixon
F Roosevelt, at Fillmore, 31-30 Fillmore
Carter at Van Buren, 25-23 Carter
John Adams at Taylor, 31-30 J Adams
Hoover at Grant, 25-23 Grant
GH Bush at JQ Adams, 31-30 JQA
Madison at Pierce, 27-18 Madison
Arthur at W Harrison, 26-25 Arthur
Clinton at Coolidge, 27-22 Clinton

6 Presidents remain undefeated, another 8 have one loss, still another 6 have two losses, another 10 have three losses, 5 have four losses and the remaining 7 Presidents are winless.

I would remind the readers as well, that this is very early in the season. Some of the top "ranked" Presidents right now, have enjoyed "home" conditions for critical match-ups. But even after today, only 3.4% of the regular season's games have been played, and for every home game early, there will also be an away game later. Some of the results have been interesting, but please do not read too much into early results.

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