Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Support President George W. Bush

It's not the fashion these days, to stand by someone who does the heavy lifting, nor to remember virtues rejected for not suiting the whim of a mob, yet I will continue to stand by the President. And I do not stand alone.

Fools believe polls sponsored by his enemies, which focus only on the attention span of a nation beset with ADD, which is further encouraged to blame President Bush for all sorts of things he never did or cannot control. And again I am reminded why some of the nation's best minds and spirits refuse to run for national office - it is a rare courage in those who knowingly enter that lions' den.

But to our community - it occurs to me worth considering the sort of people who have not turned their back on Dubya. And I am well pleased to count them as my allies:

Vice President Cheney has never been the target of conservatives, yet they never seem to consider that he stands with the President still, just as he always has. For some people there would be the consideration of a political future, but since Dick Cheney has made it abundantly clear that he will leave office when the President does the same, it should be obvious that Mr. Cheney is a man of integrity, resolve, and he is unwaveringly loyal to President Bush. Only a Liberal or some similar fool would pretend he is some kind of bootlick or lapdog.

Prime Minister Tony Blair took a lot of heat for supporting President Bush. What's interesting, is that while he and Dubya have different political views, Tony Blair has never made a stetament which disparaged or attacked President Bush. Again, Blair took a lot of abuse for his principled position, but in the end he never wavered. While Liberals called him names, his courage and loyalty are clear and reflect Blair's own strength of character.

Despite casualties and the long heavy weight of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the troops are still strong supporters of the President. The media and the Democrats, and sadly even some Republicans have tried to use the troops as pawns for their own gambits, but as a whole the military strongly supports and stands by the President. I am constantly amazed by the strength of their conviction that the war is a worthy cause, and that President Bush is doing the right and necesaary job.

Sure, you can find all kinds of big-ego people who don't like Bush. Some think Bush-hate is their ticket to higher office, some think that the President of the United States must cater to their personal opinion like some kind of butler, and some think that they should hold Bush to expectations of perfection - rejecting everything done right in the past if he ever puts a foot wrong in his job. Some cannot stand for the man to have his own mind and make the tough decisions, and are willing to tear down all the man stands for because they cannot agree to disagree on one or two issues. The Left and Right have extremists united in malice and hysteria, and they forget why America needs President Bush. Such cowardice and hate is sadly all too common these day, but I will not pretend it is something to overlook or excuse.

Liars claim Bush "betrayed" them. People who never once ran for office, and who would not support reform when the GOP held the majority in Congress, have no standing to play at God now.

I stand with the President, come what may. To my mind, his enemies stand in self-deceit and dishonor, and what comes of that must surely be ill tidings.


Dan said...

Kinda gutless in your "brave" "courageous" support of Bush, aren't you? Why are you so afraid of dissenting opinions?saratoga

DJ Drummond said...


I don't mind dissent, but I am not obliged to let you defecate on my comment thread. Learn to understand the difference, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother. I've been openly supporting Bush since day one, and i'm proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Scooter?? Is that you??

Anonymous said...

I get dizzy hearing all the heated accusations thrown at the President. I notice the press has perfected their attack and opinion by refining it to declare that they are representing our "Nation's" contempt and opinion of our President.
I'm no scholar, but it seemed the "Nation" was desperate for leadership to respond to the horrendous attack on American soil, and the "Nation" seemed to stand by the President when we went to war, perhaps the servicemen most of all, as many servicemen still do.
I believe in praying for our leaders, even as many (those who are caught)are disgraced and punished for unbridled greed and flagrant criminal acts.
Our leaders aren't all great men and women, yet it is my prayer that in leadership they will be empowered by their God to have wisdom and integrity in serving our country, and that they will ever be deserving of the support and loyalty of the "Nation."
As President Bush faces unspeakable challenges and the hard decisions he must make, I pray his leadership is based on integrity and the best he has to give America, and is therefore worthy of honor.

Anonymous said...

I'm a strong supporter of President Bush. It was this President who kept us safe for 7 years!!! I pray that before I die, history will reverse the wrong accusations about him. God is on his side.

Anonymous said...

I support president bush till the end of his term! I also hope that one day history will see how his actions helped us stay out of harms way and everything he did for the american people. It sickens me to see how he is ridiculed and insulted. It makes me ashamed. I am a retired 20 year vet who became a citizen at age 19. I love this country and what it stands for. I will always respect president Bush and all his accomplishments

Anonymous said...

I think it disturbing how liberals care more about what other countries think about America than trying to think for themselves and the good of their own country. I have never understood how those same people can listen to the media bash our President and believe them and then call anyone who stands behind our President a moron. I am with you all the way, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Truly outstanding blog entry--I couldn't have said it better myself. I won't engage in liberal vs. conservative analysis, but what I can say is I am tired of all the hatred and tainted political spew against Dubya. He may have not been perfect--and he has owned up to his mistakes--but he served honorably. I truly believe he had our nation's best interests at heart. Everybody wants to say the war was about oil--no--it wasn't. It was about our national security. He chased AQ/Taliban out of Afghanistan and made them scatter...they re-grouped in Iraq. I would rather fight a war over there than here on our soil (I have the right to say that since I was there!) Many Americans have no fortitude and do not understand the bigger picture and our role in the world. Oh...FYI...Bill Clinton specifically set aside $97 million for the "democratization of Iraq"...it was something in the works b/f Dubya, but something his administration believed in, even after 9/11. And FYI...side note here...OIL is in our national interest--just as anybody who drives a car. I digress...Dubya, although not perfect, is a patriot and a good human being. I will miss him greatly and regret that he is no longer my Commander in Chief.

Jordan said...

I totally agree. I'm sick of our new president, Obama, blaming President Bush and his administration for all of the current problems. I hated how it became fashionable to not only disagree with, but to HATE our President. I may not agree with President Obama, and I will never vote for a man with his views and values, but he is still our President and deserves a level of respect.