Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome, Readers of 'Sadly, No'

I received a strange and rather peculiar communication today, which alerted me that I have guests here at 'Stolen Thunder'. So, I took a virtual stroll and found the fine lodgings of the distinctly Left-of-Center blog "Sadly, No". So, first off, thanks to everyone for the visit. Second off, yeah that's my dog at the top. Beautiful animal and a great companion, and much better to look at than I am. Just in case you were wondering ...

But I feel obliged, as well, to respond to a rather silly comment made by one of your readers on your site. The reader, in a piece which rather nastily tried to smear Lorie Byrd (but people will amuse themselves in their favorite fashion, and for some folks that means lies and insults when that's all they know). The reader, in a comment which linked to here - thank you - remarked that "Another Wizbang! contributor has a site (VERY SERIOUS) of his own". Well, it's true that I also write on Wizbang!, but I do not see why that obliges me to maintain my personal site free of wit, personal perspective, and simple good humor. This is my site, and while I open my thoughts to the consideration of anyone inclined to stop by, I alone choose the mietre and timbre of the writing here. I carry the mood I do just now for the following reasons:

1. A little more than a year ago, I was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, an unusual form of abdominal cancer where the cells are free-floating, and generally do little more than block the body's internal fluids unless they go malignant, at which time the cancer attacks several organs at once and in that case is commonly fatal. A bit like carrying around a grenade in your gut, so please excuse me if my perspective values certain common elements of Life rather highly, in the knowledge that if something goes wrong it could go very bad very fast. I am fortunate to live in a city with arguably the world's foremost Cancer treatment hospital, and I am happy to say that my present prognosis is quite hopeful. Even so, I am hardly about to forget that Life can end at any time, and so I try to focus on the things which matter. Your mileage may differ;

2. A few years ago, I fell victim to that condition so endemic to bloggers, the notion that I was important and deserved to be heard because I was so damn smart and profound. Well, I woke up from that. I post if I have something to say, and maybe sometimes I think it's good stuff, but other times I'm just making noise to amuse myself. Hey, I know a guy who posts his video games on You Tube, and Al Gore gets awards out the wazzou for spouting off on things where he is absolutely illiterate. The nice thing about the Blogosphere is that there is no 'gravitas' litmus test, and those who think there is, well, I mentioned that 'I'm so important' virus, and those guys still have it.

3. If you're still reading this, you're mistaking me for someone important. I'm just a Dad with a job and a ton of work, who happens to blog. If the stuff here sounds good to you, thanks. If not, hey, at least I'm not hitting you up for money or your vote.

Again, thanks for the visit.

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