Monday, October 27, 2008

From Hillbuzz, Why Democrats Should Support McCain

1. A new kind of politics = voting for the best candidate, regardless of party

2. McCain won’t raise taxes

3. Experience and accomplishments matter

4. Bipartisan record of working with Democrats

5. In 35 years, no Republican president has threatened Roe v. Wade

6. The president can only nominate judges, while a Democrat-controlled Congress will appoint them

7. Energy independence for the United States, using all means available

8. 100% open government and unfettered press access

9. Risked political career to do what he thought was best for the country

10. Never earmarked a single pork barrel project

11. Sarah Palin for Vice President


David Marcoe said...

Other than issues on abortion, I'm wondering why these PUMAs aren't Republicans...

stillife said...

As a PUMA, I can say that many of us aren't Dems anymore...I plan on changing my registration to Independent after the election. I live in a deep blue state, so it won't count for much, but it'll make me feel better.

I'm not going to go into my reasons for being a lifelong Dem. All I will say is that this election has opened my eyes.

Thank you, DJ, for the good work you do.

Dr. Bonnette said...

In five days, from 10/23 to 10/29, Zogby's polling has closed from 12 points favoring Obama to just 4 points. At this rate, McCain could be ahead by Election Day.

Hestrold said...

DJ - nothing, I mean nothing but doom and gloom abounds on the conservative websites now. The MSM and Team Obama did their job by creating the aura of invincibility. Your well-reasoned approach should be how people think through their vote, but we may be well past this one week out.

stillife said...

I'm not going to let the MSM psych me out. We Hillary supporters went through this during the primaries. All we heard was WWTSBQ (Google it if you don't know what it means). And yet Hillary beat decisively in TX, OH, PA, and kicked his a** in KY and WV.

Now McCain is getting the same treatment. Obama is "inevitable". How dare anybody challenge The One?

I know it doesn't look good now, but if you look at the polls, you will see that a great number of folks are aware of the MSM bias. I will say, as a (soon to be former) Dem living in a Big Blue State, that I have never, in many years of voting, known so many Dems who are planning on voting Republican or leaving the top of the ticket blank.

I hope that the good American people can recognize the difference between a corrupt fraud and a patriotic American who wants to serve this country. For me and many others, it's about character, not party.

It ain't over till it's over. Chin up, folks!

Dr. Bonnette said...

Found this on Hillbuzz dated 10/26 -- in part:

But today there is a 3rd indicator from early voting that things are just not going Obama’s way, and this time it is from deep blue California:

The results are simply shocking. The polls showed Barack Obama with an 18 point lead in California just a few days ago. The results thus far are the complete opposite. In the most liberal state in the entire country,the results are that 99,000 Republicans have voted and 96,000 Democrats voted. In the mail-in balloting the results so far are that 9,000 Democrats sent in their ballots and that 5,000 Republicans did so. So with nearly 210,000 people having voted,the Democrats have only a 1,000 vote advantage !

If we take the liberty of assuming that all Republicans will vote for John McCain and all Democrats will vote for Obama,then the race is incredibly close. I’m sure that Obama will eventually win in California,but if he is struggling here after he pushed so hard for early voting,then he will lose the election ! Everybody thought he would win California in a landslide,but so far anyway,it’s very tight. That means that in the less liberal states he is in real trouble.

This election is all about turnout. And I confess Obama’s crowds of 150,000 in MO and 100,000 in Denver has me worried he might pull this off. But there may be an equal force out there, a very quiet but very large and very much determined to vote against Obama. And if that is true, then Obama will not win. If there is a fight in CA in early voting, then there will be a fight across this land.

Hestrold said...

Well I'm here in California and if the yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, etc. are any indication no one even knows McCain is running. I've only seen three yard signs for McCain and one of them is in my yard. (Luckily I haven't been targeted).

Dan Rust said...

Voters who are still undecided are clearly turned off by attempts to demonize either candidate. See the YouTube video below:

for one person’s perspective on how you can make a reasoned, thoughtful decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain.