Saturday, October 11, 2008

Highlights of the Palin Inquiry in Alaska

The loons have already gone off screaming down the road, but it’s important to know the facts of the panel press release. From the AP article:

Headline: Panel: Gov. Palin abused power, but firing was legal

“Monegan's firing was lawful, the report found, but Palin let the family grudge influence her decision-making”

Ok, what was that “grudge”? Moneghan had refused to take action against Trooper Wooten. So what did Wooten do that annoyed the Governor?

“Wooten had been in hot water before Palin became governor over allegations that he illegally shot a moose, drank beer in a patrol car and used a Taser on his stepson. The Palins said they feared for their family's safety after Wooten made threats against them.”

So before Palin was even Governor, Wooten was abusing his stepson, and so the threats he made against the Governor’s family would reasonably be taken seriously. Can’t really see why the democrats think this is unreasonable, actually.
So, the panel found she over-stepped authority. The loons are screaming for her arrest and jail. What could happen to Palin?

“Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Lawmakers don't have the authority to sanction her for such a violation, and they gave no indication they would take any action against her. Under Alaska law, it is up to the state's Personnel Board — which is conducting its own investigation into the matter — to decide whether Palin violated state law and, if so, must refer it to the Senate president for disciplinary action. Violations also carry a possible fine of up to $5,000.”

So, the worst she faces is a fine, and right now there is nothing to indicate the board is inclined to punish her at all.
So, the left trumped up a case, and when they finally got something that kind of, sort of helped them they went screaming exaggerations and some outright lies down the road. In other words, normal leftist behavior. But it sure reminds us of how much they fear Palin.


Anonymous said...

You forgot something.

Monegan also has a history of domestic violence with his first marriage. Monegan has therefore no moral authority to fire Wooten.

You also forgot that Todd Palin is not Alaska's First Lady...he is the Alaska's First Gentleman/Husband. The Role of the Husband should be respected especially in his responsibility to protect his family especially his wife. Todd is naturally very protective of his family, like any American husband (except maybe those chastised by Obama for being bad father).

As a husband, Todd has the right to be on top of security of his family. His presence must be respected by the in the administration and security people that surround Sarah.

Sadly, Branchflower thinks nothing of the difference between a First Dude and a First Lady.

Eric said...

Hey D.J. Here is something you can do, Dig up the old polls from the "RESPECTED POLLSTERS" in 2004 in September & October & compare the weightings then to there Final Polls

I think that would be FUN

Ronsonic said...

Here's the shockingly obvious question the press has ignored:

If Palin fired the Director of Public Safety over his refusal to fire a cop, then why was that cop not been fired since.

Anonymous said...

There were two rules as codified by Alaskan statute relevant to the ethics issue involved. One spoke to
"Improper motivation"; the other to Palin's state of mind.

To find that someone--a public official--breached the Ethics code Branchflower had to provide evidence that Palin's desire to have Wooten fire ran was not in the public interest.

I did not see any suggestion in the report that Branchflower even attempted to demonstrate the
zeal exhibited by Palin to have Wooten fired was
improperly motivated.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the second paragraph should have read,

"To-find-that someone--a public official breached the Ethics code Branchflower would have had to provide evidence that Palin's desire to have Wooten fired was not in the public interest."