Sunday, November 16, 2008

Put Away the Knives

Losing is not a good feeling. So I understand that a lot of folks are unhappy, even angry. Note to President-elect Obama; you won an impressive victory and congratulations, but there are many millions of Americans whose vote you did not win, and many more millions of people who won’t be quiet if you turn out to be just another partisan hypocrite who thinks he can fool his way into control of the government, but then ignore what America needs because he is obsessed with his own plans. With that said, however, all Americans needs to give President Obama a chance to do his job. You can say what you want when he says or does something out of line, but he has to have the chance to do the job.

I also think it’s appropriate for republicans to make peace with John McCain and Sarah Palin. Oddly, despite the fact that these two were running mates, a lot of folks love the one and hate the other – the thought seems to be that one had a chance but the other one screwed up the opportunity. I disagree. As much as I would like to have seen a republican win the White House this year, the combination of the economic crisis, the media manipulation, and the infighting among republicans made it too steep a hill to climb. So what must be done now, is for republicans to than Senator McCain and Governor Palin for their efforts, and mend our fences. Look, I was dead-set against McCain winning the GOP nomination, but I got over it and worked hard to get him elected. There are many concerns I have with how the republicans acted towards each other this year, not least their disgusting abandonment of the president after everything he has done for the party and at great personal cost, but now is the time for us to make peace with each other, for the needs of the nation are great and we cannot do well by being petty.

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