Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I hate waiting. Everyone I know hates to wait, but I’m really bad about it, especially if I want to know something I think is really important. So yes, I’m stressing right now and I think a lot of us are. This election really is different from any we have seen before, and not because of race or gender.

One thing which bothers me, is that whichever way the election turns out, there are going to be people – many – who will not accept the results. The polls, the media, and the mainstream news have been so thoroughly pro-Obama all year, that Obama’s victory is being broadcast as ‘inevitable’. If it turns out they were all wrong, then a lot of people will fall even harder on the memes of conspiracy theories and presumption of racism. They will never respect a ‘President McCain’. But what if Obama wins? That will not fare well, either. Americans have seen what happens to the few people brave enough to ask direct questions of Obama, and who have dared to stand up to his “in your face” style of politics. They have noticed how the votes of overseas military are treated, how the ‘party of women’s rights’ treated the most successful national female candidate in history, how those who hire and promote most of the working Americans are repaid, how the party of ‘fairness’ hides its nominee’s funding of hundreds of millions of dollars from shadowy backers, how groups like ACORN treat the sanctity of elections, how the definition of “middle class” changes according to the moment. They see all this and many Americans will not trust a ‘President Obama’. The divide between Americans and their government will become worse, it will not heal with Barack Obama in control, with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi running legislation however they please in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Whatever happens, we are in a time of crisis, and there will be daunting challenges for the next President. Once it is time to put away the tools of the campaign of 2008, the President will have to face the Reality of 2009.

The one comfort we have in all of this, is that it seems God has protected and guided this nation. And this election is in His hands. This is not to say that He would not let us have an incompetent President, or even a very bad one. History tells us not to assume so. But if we trust the Lord, He will yet preserve us, and mayhap our nation will survive what is to come. And perhaps, if we trust Him, we shall yet find that our next President is up to the job. But we will have to wait for that time, to see what happens.

And while I have no choice, I hate to wait.


Sheila said...

Thank you for that, DJ. I needed it.

It's also my prayer that no matter what happens, the electoral system is cleaned up and fraud won't be as easy.

Why don't we just have people all vote on one day and then dip their fingers in purple? It worked in Iraq. Why not here?

Or at least use our computers to register by social security number or something so you can't register in two states. It shouldn't be that hard.

We just need the political will to clean it up. And I'm not sure either presidential candidate will have it.

harvey said...

DJ, when people ask me what I am doing for McCain and Palin, I tell them the most important thing I do is pray. I pray that God gives a truly good and dedicated man a chance to shape history..I pray for my country..that it not fall into the hands of deceitful and clever men..I pray for Israel..that its people shall know peace and prosperity. But I do not know God's Will and perhaps we may be tested and have to pass through a troubled time until we find redemption once again. I do know that Obama is a false prophet, not evil, but vain and arrogant, as those who have so damaged the world before him. As I wait like you, I repeat, "Our Father, have pity on us..."

Jeff said...

Aaaand...the polls were right after all it seems.

jaywhite said...

Just like 2006 , the polling was dead on accurate. I was hoping you were onto something but it was wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

All of these ridiculous projections were a waste of time. Obama had the lead the whole time, it was just a matter of narrow vs. big leads. The polls predicted a comfortable win. The polls were right. No story here and never was a story to begin with.

The polls were not-- contrary to however so many right wing bloggers tried to portray it-- as "way off" in the past as you tried to portray them.

No one ever predicted a "comfortable victory for Kerry" in '04. Polls were mixed the day before the election.

The Carter-Reagan comparison was absolute nonsense as post-debate polls always had Reagan ahead.

The Clinton-Dole comparison was nonsense as those polls almost consistently pegged the result in the final month.

Personally I'm against the use of polls at all (people shouldn't be influenced on how to vote by supposed surges of momentum). However, I'm smart enough to know when they're accurately gauging something.