Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barack Obama - The O stands for Zero Honesty

The times are too serious, the stakes are too high for this same partisan playbook” – August 28, 2008

95% of working families will get a tax cut” – September 26, 2008

I will put an end to lobbyists and special interests in Washington” – October 7, 2008

What I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut” - October 15, 2008

I have been a strong proponent of pay-as- you-go. Every dollar that I've proposed, I've proposed an additional cut so that it matches.” – October 15, 2008

to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president, too.” - November 4, 2008

“[The stimulus plan] contains an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability so that every American will be able to go online and see where and how we're spending every dime. What it does not contain, however, is a single pet project, not a single earmark, and it has been stripped of the projects members of both parties found most objectionable.” – February 9, 2009

So my bottom line when it comes to the recovery package is: Send me a bill that creates or saves 4 million jobs. Because everybody has to be possessed with a sense of urgency about putting people back to work, making sure that folks are staying in their homes, that they can send their kids to college.” – February 9, 2009

Obama’s own words, nothing but lies.


Jeanette said...

DJ, If 95% of all Americans are going to get a tax cut please see if someone can tell me how we retirees who are living off our retirement accounts are going to get a tax break when the only thing Obama (I refuse to give him the title of the office he holds)is doing is cutting payroll taxes which we no longer pay. And only an average of $13 a week or as he likes to put it $65 a month.

It won't even buy the dog food in our house and we have just two dogs. One a shepherd mix and the other a 9 lb miniature schnauzer.

Justin said...

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