Friday, July 24, 2009

Thought For The Day

Imagine for a moment that when we die, we go to a place where we meet everyone who ever lived. Not just the people we wanted to meet from history or our favorite friends and family, but everyone.

As in, everyone you ever lied to.

As in, everyone you ever hurt.

As in, everyone you ever treated rudely or with disrespect.

As in, everyone you judged on the basis of how they looked, or what they could do for you, or whether you could make them do something you wanted.

If you knew, absolutely, that everyone you meet in this world, you will meet again in the next, with full knowledge of what you thought, said and did, and you would be the full and permanent consequences of how you acted here and now … how then would you choose to act towards the people you know, meet, and interact with in this life?

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