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The Top 25 Online MBA Programs 2011

Every year since 2008 I have posted my opinion of the Top 25 Online MBA programs. I determine these rankings by a weighted system which uses information from the schools’ websites and the AACBS (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which is the premiere accreditation agency for business schools, both in the United States and the world. With no disrespect intended for schools which are not members of the AACSB, in my opinion that designation sets apart the serious programs from the run-of-the-mill schools. At this time there are one hundred schools which have AACSB accreditation and offer an MBA degree with all or nearly all classes online; some of the schools require an on-campus orientation, a foreign trip to a profiled nation, or a very few selected courses to be taken on campus, such as case competitions. My ranking uses a weighted evaluation of fifteen categories of information, with weighting based on criteria which will be of value to students in the quality of education and resources available to them, as well as cost and convenience. Last year I put too much detail into explaining the categories, so this year I am trying to keep it simple. In this post I will simply announce the top 25, and in subsequent posts I will comment on important changes since last year in the online MBA paradigm, offer thoughts on why a person should or should not pursue an MBA and why they should or should not consider an online MBA, and discuss some of the top programs for earning your MBA online.

2011 Top Online MBA Schools

1. University of Florida

2. Georgia Southern University (15th in 2010)

3. Southeast Missouri State University

4. University of Nebraska at Lincoln (5th in 2010)

5. Valdosta State University

6. University of Massachusetts at Amherst (17th in 2010)

7. Oklahoma State University (25th in 2010)

8. University of Mississippi

9. Concordia University (Canada)

10. University of Wyoming

11. Mississippi State University

12. Fayetteville State University (13th in 2010)

13. Indiana University at Bloomington

14. University of Alabama (8th in 2010)

15. University of Texas at San Antonio (23rd in 2010)

16. Arizona State University (22nd in 2010)

17. Western Kentucky University

18. East Carolina University

19. University of Louisiana at Monroe

20. Tennessee Technological University

21. New Mexico State University

22. Florida State University (9th in 2010)

23. Jacksonville State University

24. University of Texas – Pan American

25. University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

Weighting Categories

1. Average GMAT score (14.00%)
2. MBA in-state tuition (13.00%)
3. Minimum GMAT score (12.00%)
4. MBA out-of-state tuition (11.00%)
5. Number of available concentrations (9.50%)
6. Minimum Duration (8.50%)
7. Operating Budget (7.50%)
8. # Faculty FTE (6.50%)
9. Student/Faculty Ratio (6.00%)
10. AACSB Accreditations (3.50%)
11. Budget/Student (3.00%)
12. Student Body Size (2.50%)
13. Undergraduate in-state Tuition (1.50%)
14. Undergraduate out-of-state Tuition (1.00%)
15. Degree levels offered


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Can you make your data available publicly? It would be helpful for those of us that are interested in a similar analysis, but would personally weight the categories differently based on personal priorities. Thanks!

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