Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The War Against Exasperation

Over on another site which discusses religion, morality, and politics, I have been a member for more than four years, and have enjoyed the debates with many people. The difference in cultures and religion has not hindered the development of many great conversations and discussions. Even when the dialogue can become intense, it is usually possible for people of goodwill to reach common ground, even when sharply divided in personal faith. That is, however, not so in the case of politics.

Beliefnet is a great site for discussing religion and faith issues, but the visitor should be warned, the majority of people there are well Left of center, politically. This can be an interesting journey into the mind of the Liberal voter, but it bears warning, that to support the President is to invite attack on your person, and ridicule for your beliefs. As an example, today I was discussing the latest round of attacks on the President by the Left. There was a member in attendance, who is known for a gentle way of addressing concerns members have, but when I explained the problems in the Democrat's claims, she blew up:

"I used to think you were a devout Christian who realized that no human being is without error or mistake and that no human being should ever be elevated to the status of an idol to worship. But now I see that you have changed the spelling of GOD to GWB, and he has become your deity in a vile religion of hatred that brooks no opposition."

That is, by the way, a clear violation of the Rules of Conduct posted by Beliefnet, but when Conservatives are attacked, it is seldom enforced. Much like DU, to be Conservative is to be judged guilty and wrong, ab initio. It strikes me, from this exchange and others like it, that there is a tone of desperation and bitterness present in these voices. Rather than face the Reality of 21st-Century America, these Liberals scream all the louder, hoping to drown it out.

It is becoming increasingly clear, that President George W. Bush will be re-elected to a second term. There is reason to believe, as well, that the GOP will gain in both the House and Senate. Ironically, the shrill hatred from the Left is feeding this trend, as more and more Americans believe the only reasonable response to their rhetoric of hate, is to make sure Republicans are elected. As much as I am pleased by the wave of support for the President and the GOP, I am concerned, for three reasons:

First, there is a serious hatred by the Left, of the core values held by most Americans. I expect that the canyon between Liberal and Majority opinions will become even more pronounced, and there is no telling what form the reaction to the knowledge that the Conservatives are winning,will take in Liberal circles.

Second, the GOP is far from perfect. The deficit needs to be addressed, the borders must be secured, and we need to address a great many issues, better than we have so far. Also, there is the warning from history, that the party which enjoys dominance is in greater peril of corruption.

Third, there can be no question that we need a valid 2-party system in the USA. That implies that the Democratic Party must either reform, or we will see the rise of something to replace it. We must do everything possible, to make sure that the new party to stand opposite the GOP is as committed to the Constitution and the American role, as the parties before it were. Right now, the Democratic Party is not strong enough to really present a fit candidate for President, and offers no vision compatible with the Constitution or our nation's history.

So, I and other Conservative voices, will just have to put up with being the targets of angry Liberals. I have already seen the results of hacker visits, the anonymous threatening e-mails from people who think threatening violence constitutes valid political discourse. And of course, in some places, I can expect to be shouted down, simply for defending the President. In the end, the world will change, and in many ways we cannot see from here and now. But the vitriolic hatred from the Left, at least confirms we are on the Right road.

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