Thursday, March 17, 2005

In The Hands of the Unaccountable

A single California State Judge chose to strike down a statute prohibiting Homosexual marriage, on no more basis than his assumption that homosexual behavior is legally the same as race;

Texas Children Hospital sued to have life support for a six-month infant ceased and prevailed, marking the first time that a hospital has ceased life support on an infant against the parents’ wishes (the child died 20 minutes after the respirator was turned off);

The United States Supreme Court has ruled (Roper v Simmons) that US Sovereignty may be trumped by foreign opinion, and that a minority of states can overrule a majority of the states if judges happen to prefer the minority;

Florida courts have ruled that a woman (Terri Schiavo) may be killed by starvation, in the total absence of any indication that she has ever expressed a desire to die, or opposition to receiving medical assistance, amidst serious controversy over the nature and severity of her condition among qualified medical experts;

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution’s protection for Free Speech does not apply to political speech beyond limits defined by politicians already in office (McCain-Feingold).

Apply those thoughts to the appointment and confirmation of Federal Judges.

Let Congress and the President know.

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