Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Presidential Tournament


The Congressional Tournament has begun to collect votes, so now its time to roll out the Presidential Tournament.

Since people already made their choices pretty clear based on personal preferences back in January, I’m running the Presidential Tournament a little differently.

Alphabetically, here are the twenty-two Presidents who have a first-round bye:

George W. Bush
Grover Cleveland
Calvin Coolidge
Bill Clinton
Dwight Eisenhower
Ulysses Grant
Warren Harding
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Jefferson
Lyndon Johnson
John Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
William McKinley
James Madison
James Monroe
Richard Nixon
Franklin Pierce
Ronald Reagan
Franklin Roosevelt
William Taft
George Washington
Woodrow Wilson

These are the sixteen Presidents elected more than once, plus the six Presidents whose average Popular Vote percentage was the highest.

Here are the twenty Presidents who are competing the First Round:

John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Chester Arthur
James Buchanan
George H.W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Millard Fillmore
Gerald Ford
James Garfield
Benjamin Harrison
William Harrison
Rutherford Hayes
Herbert Hoover
Andrew Johnson
James Polk
Teddy Roosevelt
Zachary Taylor
John Tyler
Harry Truman
Martin Van Buren

For these twenty Presidents, please give a 1 to 10 grade (10 is best) on the following areas of expertise:

Economic Policies
Judicial Doctrine
Military Command
Social Policies
Tax and Tariff Policies

Also, please give a 1-10 grade (10 is highest) on the importance of each of those same areas for the following historical periods:


Thanks. This should be fun.

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