Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Pink Mafia


Please don't laugh at the title. The matter is serious, and there are already two recent victims.

I published a story about the attempt to shut down Gay Patriot. It turns out Michael Rogers wasn't done with his vendetta. When Robert posted the same article, complete with a "Gay Terrorist" headline, Michael Rogers contacted his CSP and got his site shut down. Note please, that Mr. Rogers did not try to work things out with either blogger, or discuss the issues. Nope, he tried to cause trouble with one guy's job, and harassed another guy's Service Provider into dumping him. First Amendment? Never heard of it, I guess.

Here is Lime Shurbet's write-up. Note that Robert has saddled up with another provider. That alone deserves respect.

More details about Mr. Rogers' 'gotta whack free speech' campaign can be found at My Pet Jawa.

I want to mention that I have decided not to include the "Wanted" Poster of Michael Rogers, that Gay Patriot and Lime Shurbet used. This is because I do not use the word "terrorist" for anyone except a particular class of villain. That does not mean, however, that Mr. Rogers has any basis or merit in his vindictive attacks on honest bloggers, especially as he is apparently unable to argue his defense through facts or reason. Given the tactics he has used to harass his political opposites, Rogers is actually validating their charges against him, I would say. He's not a terrorist, but he is a thug.

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