Monday, March 28, 2005

WARNING: Thugs In Your Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear…


I have linked “GayPatriot” on my Blogroll for a number of months now. This may seem strange for a fundamentalist Christian to do, but if you have taken the time to visit the site and read his work, you will note the intelligence and much-needed perspective he provides from a much-misjudged segment of the population, and a voice which deserves respect on his own merit.

Courage has been present in a number of GP’s posts, not least when he took issue with the malicious practice of 'outing', a means not only of identifying individuals as alleged homosexuals, but also in such fashion as to cause embarrassment and personal cost – in plain words, ‘outing’ is used as a weapon by the Left to punish and attack alleged homosexuals on the Right, in many cases simply for keeping their private lives private. GP put up a post identifying these thugs for the villains they are, and found himself under immediate assault, including harassing calls to his employer. In consequence, GP was forced to remove the post identifying the thugs, and has been compelled to cease his blogging. More on the story may be found at Outlet Radio Network.

Dan, aka “GayPatriotWest”, is not giving up, and deserves our full and vocal support. For my part, the conduct of Michael Rogers in particular is shameful and evokes images one hoped would have died out with KKK membership and cross-burnings. The Old Media may not be expected to address this, as the “Pink Mafia” has proven itself effective in malice and coercion before, always to the applause of Hollywood. It falls to the blogosphere to raise the bulwark against this assault.

It may be that you don’t care about gay rights, especially when a gay happens to be Conservative in his opinion. It may be that you don’t care about a blog’s existence, or you may not be concerned that a voice has been silenced through threats and belligerence.

But one day, the thugs who tear down the rights of those they hate, may find their way to your place, may oppose your beliefs, may shout down your rights. The defense of one voice now, may save your own later.

Hat Tip: Polipundit.

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