Saturday, April 30, 2005

Human Rights By God’s Grace

In my last post, I observed that rights belong to Almighty God by right and authority. The obvious follow-up question then, is what does that do to our rights as human beings?

I’ve read the Bible more than a dozen times all the way through, and there are books in the Bible I have read literally thousands of times. For all the claims otherwise, I have decided that God is consistently good and just at all times. The problem lies with human will and its consequences. As people presume to judge God by human perception, they fall prey to the illusion that God does wrong, or that His word cannot be trusted. Once this error is embraced, people fall to their own judgment for decisions, which fails to accomplish those things which need God, and opens the door for grievous harm.

In that last post, I referenced the Declaration of Independence. Here, it occurs to me to mention that God uses people to teach lessons, whether by prophets, by kings, or simply by serving His sovereign will. America serves God’s will for the most part, and in return is rewarded with prosperity, influence, and power. We are, accordingly, expected to serve God’s will to continue receiving these rewards, and serving God includes protecting the rights God has given to all men. We are the guardians of human rights, and we are the minions of justice. America is, unquestionably I think, the most influential power on the earth today, but that includes responsibility in the same degree as power. If we stop pursuing the rights of men and the protection of the right, we will lose our place to another, just as happened in the past.

Now, what are those rights of man? As I see it, there are four basic rights given to us:

The right to Honor, to Peace, to Freedom, and to to Justice. Everything we value is driven by these rights in action. I will write on each of these rights in subsequent posts.

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