Monday, April 18, 2005

South Park Conservatives : Why “Liberal Loser” is an accurate assessment of the Left


Politics is often considered to be cyclical. When asked why he opposed changing the Senate rules to end the Democrats’ tactic of filibustering to prevent votes on Judicial Nominees, John McCain said that he was thinking about the future, when the Republicans no longer controlled the Senate. That statement is an indicator of how little politicians understand the seismic shift in politics, as a new generation of Conservatives heavily outpowers the dwindling force of Liberalism in the United States. Evidence for this shift can be found in Brian C. Anderson’s soon-to-be-blockbuster-bestseller, South Park Conservatives : The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias

At first glance, SPC starts like any conservative examination of the cultural landscape. But where others have pointed out the need for change, and had some fun showing the hypocrisy and indefensibility of Liberal arguments and positions, Anderson shows strong reasons to believe the Conservatives are winning.

Key examples:

* Anderson observes that the “Limbaugh armada helped the Newt Gingrich-led Republicans win Congress in 1994, the first time in half a century that the GOP had taken control”

* Anderson notes the shift in media attention, citing that “FOX’s ratings, already climbing since the station debuted in 1996, really began to rocket upward after the terrorist attack and blasted into orbit with Operation Iraqi Freedom. ”In the Iraqi war,” Dick Morris explains, “the viewing audience truly saw how incredibly biased the other networks were”. “By June 2003, FOX was winning a whopping 51 percent of the prime-time cable-news audience ... During the second ratings quarter of 2004, FOX owned nine of the top ten highest-rated cable news shows.”

* Anderson hits on a critical element in the shift - in addition to Conservative support, there is now a clear and active anti-Liberal element, exemplified by the hit show “South Park”. One reason for this, Anderson explains, is because “South Park regularly mocks left-wing celebrities who feel entitles to pontificate on how the nation should be run.” In other words, the Left’s own habit of claiming authority where they don’t even know the facts (or care) is coming back to bite them.

* Anderson uses the Liberal hate site Democratic Underground as a barometer for rising Liberal hysteria. They are beginning to realize their grip on control of the media, along with the culture and direction of the country, are slipping.

One of my favorite parts of the book, is when Anderson explains the conversion of comedian Dennis Miller to the cause of Conservatism. The chief reason: George W. Bush. Even as RINO’s pretend that Bush is somehow hurting the cause of the GOP, Dennis is unashamedly proud of the President. “In this messed-up world, I like seeing my president pray” explains Miller, who says Bush made him “proud to be an American again.”

Anderson also notes the rise of Conservative titles in book publishing, along with a number of Conservative publishing house, like Regnery, which printed SPC.

Buy the book. It’s fun, enlightening, and it will charge you up. Unless you’re a liberal.

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