Monday, May 30, 2005

Responding To The Force

/\/\/All through the movies, we heard it; ‘May the Force be with you’. But who thought through what it means, for the Force to be with a person? One important aspect to the Force which is missed by many, is that the Force moves and acts, almost with its own volition, and while a person may believe they are acting independently of the Force (a la Han Solo), this is not really the case. The Force, however one wants to define it, is so intrinsic to human life, that it is impossible to say that the Force is not part of our very identity. And anything which is part of our identity, is a factor in our decisions and actions.

Anyone who has tried to walk down a street when the wind was blowing hard into their face, understands that direction is sometimes critical. And most of us have looked back with regret to a decision, where we ignored a signal from our gut and later realized we should have heeded it. Sensitivity to the Force and learning its communication is a skill developed through practice and careful meditation. The first step is realizing the Force has a direction and can serve a greater purpose.

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