Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Wife Has A Boyfriend


My wife called me this morning on my way to work. We talked about some things which needed to be done today, and then she mentioned that our daughter Jagan, told her, “Mommy, you have a boyfriend.”

“I do?” asked my wife.

“Yes”, said Jagan. “Daddy’s your boyfriend.”

My daughter Jagan is right. I am my wife’s boyfriend, and she is my girlfriend. If that seems silly to you, think back to when you were young, and you had a serious crush on someone. It made you feel good, didn’t it, to know you have someone you really cared about, especially if they cared back? Well, just because people get married and have kids, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve that feeling.

That’s all, no real deep lesson there. But if you are married like me, and maybe it’s been a while since you believed you were lucky to have your guy or your girl, then maybe now would be a good time to think about how much fun it would be, how truly exciting, to be as excited about your partner now as you were when you first met.

I have a cool girlfriend, and a cool princess who reminds us both about that.


Anonymous said...

That is greatness.

Anonymous said...

I have been dating a guy for 5 months now. He is 8 years older than me (hes 32 Im 24), has a degree in Economics, an Army vet, professional and financial sucessful and immaculately clean. He is from a big city, speaks French, has a blackbelt in Jodu, knows how to play piano and ballroom dance, rides horses, does Fencing (with swords) and travels (hes been to Europe multiuple times and been to almost 20 different countries). He grew up poor, but got scholarships and worked and invested his money so now he is well off. My parents are very leary of him. They say he is odd, cold and distant. I think they are a little uncomfortable because we are a blue collar family, my dad is a welder and my mom is a hair dresser, and he is an educated white collar professional from a big city. I myself have an associate degree and work as a nurse. Hes always polite to them and my friends, but he is very distant. He does not have any frineds here in town as he was transferred here for his job. He talks to his friends back home on a daily basis, but doesnt bother making any here.

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