Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Baseball Umpire Scenario

OK, imagine you're the plate umpire and here is the situation:

[] Runners at 1st and 3rd, 2 out

[] 2 ball, 2 strike count on the batter

[] Pitch comes in the strike zone

[] Batter steps towards the plate while swinging the bat

[] Ball misses the bat, hits the batter in the belly

[] Ball then bounces from the batter's belly to the catcher, who catches the ball cleanly.



akaDoug said...

Assuming that the pitch was a legal pitch; it's strike 3, batter is out and the inning is over.

DJ Drummond said...

You are correct, sir.

Actually, the only really tricky part of that scenario is that it actually happened in a High School game, and I had to explain the call to the head and assistant coach at some length.

akaDoug said...

It's actually kind of funny, that while this scenerio is uncommon in the Majors, it's not to out of the ordinary in Babe Ruth and HS ball...lots of kids putting their whole body into the swing and before they know it they're falling over the plate.
But it's not fun to deal with a coach who thinks he knows the rule book but misses "the fine print."

Congrats on your Astros!

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